Saturday, September 01, 2012

Sigh: Enormous, Creepy Sculpture of Obama Being Readied for Democrat Convention; UPDATE: Nearing Completion!

I'm told that Putin, Castro and Chavez are all extremely envious. Can you say "Cult of Personality"?

Speaking of Mount Rushmore, “Team Sandtastic” is putting the finishing touches today on a huge sand sculpture of Obama to be on display at the EpiCentre in uptown Charlotte...

...15.5 tons of sand were shipped in from Myrtle Beach, SC for this. I don’t know who sponsored it (I don’t think it was paid for with DNC money) but massive sculptures of sitting political figures, especially Presidents, should disturb everyone a great deal (no matter the party), for reasons I don’t have to explain – no matter how well done they are.

A more apropos piece of artwork was recently unveiled by Jon McNaughton.

The artist describes it as "one painting that says it all."


Update: The sculpture nears completion (hat tip: @KevinDGregory):

Update II: Not an omen: Storm washes away giant Obama sand sculpture at site of Democrat convention.


mperkins37 said...

SAND? Wouldnt a Hot Ari BAloon be more appropriate? Est cots with 200 seiu workers slaving on it for a mweek 2.8 billion.....

Anonymous said...


Just knew they'd come up with their first "shovel-ready" project.

Anonymous said...

Doug, the Charlotte Observer reports that it's being torn down for reasons of "safety".


Anonymous said...

“The Demorats Gather for Convention”

Let us shout, Hallelujah, “THE WON’S” comin’ to town
Our convention’s about to begin.
So put on “happy faces”. Turn those frowns upside down,
And pretend FEARLESS LEADER will win!

We have done all we could to keep hidden the truth--
(CORRUPT MEDIA was his whore from the start).
‘Tho its influence is dying; and its concept of “proof”,
Made the worst of “Three Stooges” look smart.

Still, we’ll muddle along; “It’s all part of the show!”
Doesn’t Barry look, “So hip these days”?
“His ears never looked better, and his golf scores, you know,
Are deserving of the public’s best praise!

Our elites will be here; pray the rabble won’t swoon,
By the “great ones’ high-tech/high-def glow!
Presidenta Jarrett will command the whole room,
Even Godfather Rahm plans to show!

We will bravely ignore those unflattering facts,
Which our Media Whores may not shroud--
(So many of the “faithful” shall be missing “all acts”—
They will lose if they’re seen in our crowd!)

Make the Kool-Aid more potent! Triple pork all around!
We can spend like we’re “Kings for a Day”!
So what if we lose; when THE WON’S lost His crown,
We’ve still BILLIONS safe hidden away!

No rights reserved – copy; send; improvise; share the fun!

Anonymous said...

This is why they're tearing it down. Dems don't like it either...

Takamas said... clears up a potential source of confusion about this sculpture.