Saturday, September 01, 2012

Updated with New Photoshops! Best Reactions to the President's "This Seat's Taken" Cry for Attention

After Clint Eastwood's RNC performance -- hectoring an empty chair representing the president -- a thin-skinned, ultra-sensitive Barack Obama couldn't resist lashing back:

The reactions to President Subprime McPetulant's tweet came, eh, fast and furious:

Senator Mike Lee had a more serious take:


And this:

And I couldn't help but think of this:

Do you get the sense that the president is even more narcissistic than we'd thought?

Update: Heh:

Update II:

Update III:

Update IV: Michael Graham:

Thin-skinned, indeed.

Update V: The NRSC weighs in:

Update VI: The peerless Ramirez:

Update VII: Dan Riehl adds:

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Anonymous said...

"Representing President Obama by an empty chair is salient, high concept, and very much to the point."

When the President of the United States, on the advice of some of the most savvy media operatives in the world,
feels a need to tweet an instant response to a Hollywood actor who is doing a stand-up comedy routine, you can score one for Dirty Harry.

Redwine said...

Barry can keep the chair and take it back with him to Chicago. President Romney probably wouldn't want to sit in that particular chair anyway.

Maybe someone out there knows if the Narcissist-in-Chief is the only POTUS to put a name plate on the back of his desk chair. I did a web search and came up with nothing. Awfully vain.

MacAoidh said...

The Original Donald said...

Barack's so vain< I bet he thinks THIS song is about him :P

Drumwaster said...

"President Romney probably wouldn't want to sit in that particular chair anyway."

Well, the chairs for the President are custom-made, IIRC, so he's safe there...

I'd be more worried about the chewing gum under the desk...

Ten Mile Island said...

srhcb said...

"Taken", not earned.

There's a big difference.

jms said...

Why wouldn't President Romney want to sit in that chair?

It's practically never been used.

jms said...

Even the hippies are getting into the game!

Anonymous said...

Big mistake for Obama to try to use the same routine. Comes across as unimaginative. Copy cats really aren't appreciated.

Anonymous said...

It's not Obama's seat... it's the people's seat - hat tip to Senator Brown.

PS Love the Mad Magazine guy

Janice Sue G. said...

There’s been a sighting of the Empty Chair. It must be looking for its occupant:

ECOTUS Sighting:

ECOTUS has its own blog: