Thursday, December 13, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Brace youself: America’s next revolution may be just around the corner

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Brace youself: America’s next revolution may be just around the corner: RedAlert
Endangering the Elderly: Beacon
The Correct Response To The Anti-Right To Work Arguments: HayRide

So Which Is It, Mr. Boehner?: RS
Sessions: why not follow the Constitutional process, idiots?: Ace
How Harry Reid's Power Grab Would Harm the Senate: Foundry

Court Allows Archdiocese’s Obamacare Challenge to Proceed: Foundry
Stuff You Already Knew: Romney Ad Strategy Blew: Ace
Berkeley Students Have No Problem Procuring Cheap Contraception: Sandbox


Finally: Dems Read ObamaCare. Request Delays.: CDN
"Better off on benefits": ZH
Taxpayers Pay $4.8M for Union Boss Salaries in Single Dept.: Breitbart

Will Obama blame Bush for the $22.7 billion AIG bailout profit?: IBD
Judge: 600 workers to be fired thanks to Obama/NLRB/SEIU: RS
It Gets Better, Right to Work Edition: Katz

Scandal Central

Senator Intern's Sex Offender Arrest Delayed Until After Election: Blaze
Secret Parley of Obama, Boehner Betrays Their Pledges To Open Government: NY Sun
Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down IL Ban on Concealed Carry as Unconstitutional: FreeLight


The 40 Best Political Quotes For 2012: RWN
Euphemism o' the Day: Cato

AP Fails to Tell Readers November's $172 Billion Deficit Is Worst November Ever: NB
Steven Crowder Challenges His Assailant: Criminal Prosecution or Boxing Match: NoisyRm
Bozell Blasts ABC, CBS, and NBC For Censoring Footage of Union Vio: MRC

Harry Belafonte Encourages Obama to Imprison Advocates of Entitlement Reform: MB
Rep. Moran’s Son Likely a Victim of Right Wing False Flag Operation: Nice Deb
PolitiFact awards ‘Lie of the Year’ to truthful Romney ad: Twitchy


New Signs Assad Preparing to Use Chemical Weapons: WorldThreats
The North Korean Missile Threat: Beacon
North Korea's Rocket Victory: Deep Consequences: ABC

Sci-Tech (courtesy

You’ve Got 30,000 Days To Live… Reverse Engineer Your Life To Make Them Count: Crunch
Cosmonaut snaps extraordinary image of Mt. Everest: Riehl
How Websites Know Your Email Address the First Time You Visit: Slashdot


Festivus: Wikipedia
U.S. Senator Promising Legislation Allowing In-Air Use of Electronic Devices if FAA Doesn't Act: MacRumors
"M*gger. M*gger. M*gger. M*gger. M*ggings.": Ace

Image: Finally: Dems Read ObamaCare. Request Delays.
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QOTD: "What's the difference between Mafia and unions? One threatens to kill you if you don't give them money, the other dresses snappy." --@IowaHawkBlog

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