Saturday, December 15, 2012

SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY: The Sickness of the Media

During a special service at St. John's Church in Sandy Hook:

"Bunch of over-zealous photographers were just asked to leave."

Just as disgraceful?

Big-city mayors and would-be tyrants Michael Bloomberg and Mumbles Menino not even waiting for the children's bodies to be identified to begin pushing their insane gun-control rhetoric.

• Not the ongoing eradication of the two-parent family
• Not the mind-numbing violence on television and in theaters
• Not political correctness and de-institutionalization that allow insane people to freely circulate among us
• Not the removal of references to God and morality from our educational system
• Not the proliferation of first-person shooter games
• Not the "gun-free zones" that are, in virtually every case, the sites of mass shootings
• Not the fact that in every case, countries that banned guns saw increased rates of violent crime

No, concentrate instead on the ultimate mission of the totalitarian leftists who control the Democrat Party: to disarm free men and women who remain the last bulwark against tyranny.


Taqiyyotomist said...

That is the most sickening picture of the MSM in action that I have ever seen, in all my life.

I thought zombietime had some awful shots of these demonic vultures.

Soulless ghouls. With cameras and lights and microphones.

Shortest book in the world: "Things that are sacred to the media."

Page 1..
1. The DNC platform.
2. Abortion-on-demand, for free.
3. The following ideas:
a. Legal to f**k anything I want, wherever I want.
b. Legal to smoke, ingest, or inject any drug I want.
c. ILLEGAL to smoke tobacco, drink 44oz. sodas, or eat trans-fats.
4. Mean People Suck, and COEXIST! but:
a. F**k those c**ts like Palin and Limbaugh who should just DIE DIE DIE, and the same for ANYONE who does not agree with that. Same with those believers in the Magic Sky Fairy -- but only the believers in the Torah and the Holy Bible.

page 2...

The end.

Nothing else is sacred. There is no more telling picture of the MSM's utter and complete depravity than this one, that I have seen.

Anonymous said...

These are the same folks who hounded Princess Diana to her death.

Anonymous said...

Righteous post Doug.That photo certainly represents a thousand words. None of which are printable.