Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Real Cliff

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The Real Cliff: Christopher Demuth
Bloggers Outing Gun Owner Outers at The Journal News: CFP
‘How do you trust someone when they change their stance...?’: JWF

On Killing: Denninger
Brilliant: Jesse Jackson Asks Jail Inmates to Help End Gun Violence: JWF
Gunman William Spengler Used Bushmaster, Left Chilling Note: ABC

Four Words for Gun Grabbers: "Shall Not Be Infringed": Breitbart
Why Cuomo’s Nutty Gun Confiscation Plan Will Never Work: JWF
Look At All These Guns People Got for Christmas: AtlWire


Obama Scrooges Christmas: RSM
The government failed: Let’s depend more on the government!: CFP
Soaking the rich, Obamacare style: DC

The gift of self-empowerment: Malkin
Surprise: State-Run Broadcasting Pushes for Higher Taxes: NB
Boo hoo: Obama may cut vacation to deal with fiscal crisis: JPost

Scandal Central

Obama Claus: Adds Time To Collect $50K Reparations: Breitbart
So how does Journal – News reporter Dwight R. Worley rate a NYC pistol permit?: Fountain

Climate & Energy

Amateur Video of Tornado in Mobile, AL: Sooper


DC Police Investigating NBC's Gregory for Violations of Gun Ban Laws: Breitbart
Planned Parenthood Did One Abortion Every 95 Seconds—As Many in One Year as Live In Cincinnati: CNS
Piers Morgan: Thousands petition for deportation: BBC

New York Tells Rapists, Thieves and Murderers Which Homes to Target: NoisyRm
Why the Jews Vote for the Democrats: CFP
BBC's 'Top Gear' Host to America: 'It took us 40 years to get rid of Piers Morgan, do not send him back': Breitbart


The Science of Islamophobia: GoV
Israeli PM Netanyahu's Christmas Message: JoshuaPundit
Human Rights Watch (partially) changes its tune - but only partially: Simply

Allah Akbar and Ho Ho Ho: Sultan Knish
Syria converts combat aircraft to WMD-armed drones: Hayom
Egypt's Morsi signs Islamist constitution into law: JPost

Prominent Imam in U.S.: Resurrected Caliphate Should Wage Jihad: Mauro
Christians suffer persecution worldwide during Christmas season: Twitchy
Muslims Open Fire on Midnight Mass at Nigerian Church: Atlas

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Dark “Clouds” Forming After Netflix Outage Blamed On Amazon: CBS Philadelphia
Facebook Wants People To Pay (Them) To Spam (You): Denninger
Report: Chinese PLA Access 80% of “World’s Communications”: DefTech


Merry Christmas From the Second Amendment: Dancing Czars
Video: The freaky deaky Norwegian kicker: Greenroom
From Slum to Swan Lake: AP

Image: Twisters to ice, holiday weather is perilous
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QOTD: "You may think it's a horrifying idea to arm teachers.

Did you ever think to stop and ask why you believe that, and whether your viewpoint is rational -- or whether you're being manipulated by the media and politicians for their own ends at the expense of your children?

Let's analyze this.

Do you think it's wrong to have an armed guard in your bank? How about the guy delivering the money to your grocery store in the armored car? Should he have a gun? Does your local grocery store's cash drawer -- or that of your bank -- have a higher value than your child? If you believe that the armored car or bank should have someone carrying a gun to protect that cash drawer while your child's teacher should not, that is what you believe.

How about the President? Should he have dozens of people all around him, every minute of the day, all with guns? How about Obama's two daughters -- should they have an armed Secret Service detail at their school, with guns, every single day? Do Obama's children have more value than yours? If you believe his children should have someone with a gun available to protect them but your child's teacher should be barred by law from carrying concealed and thus able to serve as a last line of defense for your child, that is what you believe.

How important are your children? More important than a drawer full of money? As important as President Obama's daughters? If you answered in the affirmative to both you do not want to ban guns -- you want the "Gun Free School" law repealed now and you want all teachers, administrators and staff who are willing and able to carry concealed firearms in the unlikely but possible case that a bad guy may try to murder your children." --Karl Denninger

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