Sunday, December 16, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Guns, Guns, Guns

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Guns, Guns, Guns: Sultan Knish
Progressive policies are to blame for the Sandy Hook massacre: GWP
Chicago shootings spike 49% despite strictest gun laws: CNS

Repeat After Me: Gun Control Isn't the Answer: CDN
Gun Control Isn’t The Answer. Here’s Why: Loesch
Obama Fails a Test of Leadership: Dossier

Boehner Proposes Tax Hike On High Earners, Obama Refuses: ZH
Not One Dime for Obamacare federal exchange funding.: RS
Waffle House Robber Killed By Concealed Carry Permit Holder: AllAm


Fed Creates Nightmare Scenario, Closes Eyes, Sings Trololo: Testosterone
Greece is on the brink of Civil War: Insider
DOE: Suspensions of Boys, Blacks May Violate Civil Rights: CNS

Only In America: Israpundit
Printing Our Way Out of Debt: WS
Union Thug to MI Governor: “We’ll be at your daughter’s soccer game”: Hideout

Scandal Central

More Guns, Not Less (In the Right People's Hands): Times of Israel
Far Left Groups Defeated CT Mental Health Protection Laws Months Before Shooting: GWP
Congressmen Confront EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson Over Use of Alias 'Richard Windsor': WS

Climate & Energy

Warmists Really Excited Over New Global Warming Poll: Cove
Sen. Jim Inhofe blasts new EPA soot rules: Tulsa World
Obama Bypasses Congress to Mandate Black Boxes for All Cars -- Beginning in '14: CNS


ABC, NY Times reporters go full-on vulture tweeting friends, family of Connecticut massacre targets: DC
Death Porn Media Victim Unexpectedly Negative About The Encounter: RSM
What gun control can and can't do: Ambinder

Some thoughts about the recent tragedy: JPA
Citizen With Concealed Carry Permit May Have Saved Lives During Oregon Mall Shooting: LoneCon
Rebuttal of POLITICO’s and liberal Republicans’ false claims: CDN

The Names: Ace
Jamie Foxx: Hollywood Deserves Some Blame for Violence (After Joke About Killing ‘All the White People’): Blaze
Researchers Develop an Internet Truth Machine: Slashdot

NY Daily News: Ban All Killer Weapons Because We’re All To Blame: RWN
MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Talks Gun ‘Confiscation’: NB
David Frum: 2nd Amendment Supporters ‘Enable Shootings’: RWN


Virtually Absent From U.S. Press Coverage of Egypt’s Constitution: It’s About Sharia Law: BizzyBlog
Chuck Hagel: Walt and Mearsheimer's dream come true: Matzav
Meanwhile, at an elementary school in Israel…: American Digest

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Huge Asteroid's Earth Flyby Caught on Video: Space
ESPN Teams Up With Twitter To Provide College Football Video Highlights In Stream: TechCrunch
Following Adobe user forum breach, hacker claims he has access to some Yahoo servers: NextWeb


Lottery Winner Jack Whittaker's Losing Ticket: BizWk
Michigan Triplets, 21, Are Now All Behind Bars On Felony Charges: TSG
The First Lessons Of Economics And Politics: Looking Spoon

Image: Fiscal cliff talks: Speaker John Boehner pitches millionaire tax hike
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QOTD: "Is it the number of guns? Societal breakdown? Our culture of violence? Hollywood? While there’s probably a kernel of truth in all the usual suspects, a more likely culprit may be the policy implemented by our betters which determined that mental institutions were horror chambers that inhumanely incarcerated people simply because they didn’t conform to the standards society determined to be normal (how judgmental).

As is often the case with good intentions, the “deinstitutional movement,” initiated in 1964 and fully implemented in the 1970’s, the “solution” did not fix the root problem. There are still just as many crazy people in society, only now they live amongst us free to act out their psychotic fantasies: unless and until they confess or get caught.

A culture of political correctness that doesn’t allow you to call dangerous crazy people “insane” let alone lock them up, doesn’t wish you to point out that terrorists may be more dangerous than conservative “haters,” and wants the good guys to give up their guns to set a good example for the bad guys." --MOTUS

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