Saturday, December 22, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Boehner Must Resign

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Boehner Must Resign: RS
Why Republicans Failed: P&F
How to downsize the federal government: AT

No agreement short of a complete sellout can be reached by year-end: LI
Leaders are people with followers: RSM
Just How Badly John Boehner Played His Hand: RS

An opinion on gun control: Correia
Andrew Cuomo: Gun Confiscation ‘Could be an Option’: JWF
Is it True Armed Civilians Have Never Stopped a Mass Shooting?: WS

Just How Badly John Boehner Played His Hand: RS
In 2000 Bill Clinton Wanted Cops in Schools Because of Columbine: Lid
Truism: WZ


If You Need Further Proof That Unions Control The Democratic Party: Glob
Disability growth outpaced job growth under Obama by 4 to 1: IBD
OOPS: Clinton implemented armed cops at schools in 2000: Tatler

What, me worry? Obama jets off to Hawaii for 20 days: GWP
Terrorist Bill Ayers: Left Must Use Education Monopoly: Blaze
The Smutty Professor: College Insurrection

Scandal Central

EPA Under Investigation for Using Fake Emails to Hide Info: JW
Quick dirty review of 2012 election fraud: JPA
Rubio Grills Deputy Secretary of State During Senate Hearing: Shark

Climate & Energy

The Domino Effect of Green Energy Failure: Beacon


Two Possible Futures for the Ancien Regime: Driscoll
Obama’s Media Parrot Demolished on CNN: AIM
Mark Levin: Conservatives saved the Republican Party from itself: Scoop

Your Scary-Ass Chart of the Day: Driscoll
Laura Ingraham: Sources Say Paul Ryan to Replace John Boehner as Speaker: GWP
Obama’s Dangerous Record on Gun Control: Lubbock

Hot Mic: Reporters caught mocking NRA press conference but praising Code Pink demonstrations: Scoop
Gutfeld Hammers NYT’s Adolph Reed: RSM Star Dana Loesch Sues Site: BuzzFeed


More Than Just Another Cartoon: AmSpec
Soviet Accident Prevention Posters: The Back Story: Cube
Antisemitic Iranian Articles On Connecticut Shooting: Victims and Shooter Were All Jews: MEMRI

Defense Budget Priorities: Opting for American Decline: Foundry
Iran Gets Missile Shield: CDN
Marines’ new alcohol policy strictest in U.S. military: ArmyTimes

Court: Illegal Aliens Don’t Have 2nd Amendment Rights: JW
Sacre Bleu! The Collapse of French Pensions: Mead
Ex-Marine Jon Hammar back on US soil after release from Mexico prison: Fox

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Hollywood’s culture of murder and death: Flopping Aces
UK Could get Compulsory Porn Filters: Zeropaid
How 10,000 Contracts Crashed The Market: Last Night's E-Mini Flash Crash: ZH


Above and Beyond: C&S
Christmas “Gouls” and Goulash: MOTUS
Reader reactions to 'Jack Reacher': The fans are furious: LAT

Image: NASA Johnson Style
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Larry Correia

QOTD: "Gun Free Zones are hunting preserves for innocent people. Period.

Think about it. You are a violent, homicidal madman, looking to make a statement and hoping to go from disaffected loser to most famous person in the world. The best way to accomplish your goals is to kill a whole bunch of people. So where’s the best place to go shoot all these people? Obviously, it is someplace where nobody can shoot back.

In all honesty I have no respect for anybody who believes Gun Free Zones actually work. You are going to commit several hundred felonies, up to and including mass murder, and you are going to refrain because there is a sign? That No Guns Allowed sign is not a cross that wards off vampires. It is wishful thinking, and really pathetic wishful thinking at that." --Larry Correia

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