Monday, December 31, 2012

CHART: President Obama's "Balanced" Fiscal Cliff Proposal

This is what the President called a "balanced" approach.

If there was a single piece of evidence that additional "revenue" (Democrat code word for higher taxes) would be used to offset deficits, reasonable people might be able to support it.


Anonymous said...

These dumbasses think they will get more money by raising taxes.

Watch tax revenues fall as people refuse to work harder only to let the government steal their money to give to others and themselves.

The MUSEMan said...

"Hauser's Law" appears to be a lesson completely lost on Liberal Democrats. However, this is moot if the Liberal's endgame is simply to completely control the currency at the individual level, ie: all money is the government's money, you are simply "renting" it.

Thanks for reading!

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