Thursday, December 20, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Disastrous Gun Law Sparked School Shootings

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Scandal Central

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Climate & Energy

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Sci-Tech (courtesy

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Racists White Teabaggers Attack Black SC Republican Tim Scott: AWD
California substitute teacher inherits cousin's $7.4M gold coin fortune: Fox

Image: Lame Duck President Wins Prestigious Gun Competition
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: An open call to gun-control advocates and gun supporters

QOTD: "The results of the Gun Free School Zone act’s passage have been devastating. The first mass school shooting occurred in 1997. As prominent researcher John Lott has noted, mass shooters are attracted to defenseless victim zones. While zones that ban armed citizens are a tiny percentage of the nation’s area, according to Lott, only one of the “successful” (four or more victims) mass shootings in the past thirty years occurred outside of a defenseless victim zone (gun free zone).

Why do mass shooters chose defenseless victim zones? Because they want the fame that goes with the media attention that a mass killer gets, and to get the attention, they have to kill a lot of people. If they are stopped by an armed citizen, they lose their chance to make the “record books”, and there is no point in mass killing.

Armed citizens stop about one in ten of mass killings before they become “successful”, but they are rarely mentioned because of this fact. Most of these life saving actions occur outside of defenseless victim zones.

We have a real world counterexample to the Gun Free School Zone act in Israel. Israelis were confronted with a similar problem after the Maalot massacre in the 1970s They responded by allowing teachers, responsible older students, and volunteer parents to be armed in their schools. They have not had a child shot in a school since.

Since the Gun Free School Zone act was passed for the second time in 1996, 13 mass school shootings have occurred. This unconstitutional law has been a disaster and should be repealed." --Dean Weingarten

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