Thursday, December 20, 2012

ALERT THE MEDIA: New iPhone OS "Suspected of Draining Batteries"

I don't think Steve Jobs would be pleased:

The iOS 6.0.2 update released earlier this week may have cured some people's Wi-Fi woes, but others now claim it's reducing their battery life too. First reported by TidBITS' Adam Engst and supported by a number of posters in Apple's Support Communities, some (but seemingly not all) iPhone users have begun seeing dramatically reduced battery life on their iPhones after performing the update.

...As noted by the team at TidBITS, this change in how devices connect to Wi-Fi may be related to the apparent battery drain. "Our speculation, based on some quick testing that Michael Cohen did, is that the problem is related to a change in Wi-Fi behavior, which maps with Apple's sole release note for iOS 6.0.2," Engst wrote. "[I]t's far from conclusive, but indicates that the problem may be related to wireless communication in some fashion."

Given the battery performance I see and hear about from my friends and family members with iPhones, this ain't exactly breaking news.

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Groman said...

You think that's bad ? Try an HTC Android, you'll be begging for an iphone.