Sunday, December 30, 2012

THE TOP 5 GUN CONTROL GRAPHS: The Gun-Grabbers' Failed Policies Are Exposed by Their Own Data!

The very statistics and reports that the gun control crowd selectively market prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that "gun control" increases violence.

5. Violent crime rates tracked by "Right-to-Carry" (RTC) States vs. non-RTC. RTC states are significantly safer:

4. Compared to 25 other "First World" (OECD) countries, the United States has very few robberies.

3. Compared to all other United Nations' members, the U.S. murder rate is extremely low (and far lower if you pull out "gun-free" zones like Chicago and Washington, D.C.).

2. Gun ownership in the U.S. is literally off the charts, which validates Dr. John Lott: more guns yield less crime (or, as Heinlein put it, "An armed society is a polite society").

1. And, finally, for global homicide rates, the United States ranks on the low end of the spectrum. And, again, if "gun-free" zones like Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York City were pulled from the data, the U.S. would be among the safest countries on Earth.

Bonus: From 2007-2010, if you wanted to avoid a mass-murder incident, domestic violence or general violent crime, you'd be far better off living in a right-to-carry state.

The Executive Summary:

Based on the crime data presented in this article — again, all the data come from countries and organizations supporting the most extreme forms of gun control — the gun-ban movement promotes a fatally flawed agenda whose outcome includes:

• More women raped;
• More blacks murdered;
• More people experiencing fear;
• More school children murdered;
• And the individual’s civil rights infringed.

If civilian disarmament is a righteous, caring agenda, why must gun-control advocates manipulate their own data to manufacture “proof” of its validity?

And what kind of empathetic people exploit the occasion of murdered children and a distraught public as the proper time to ask for support of their agenda?

We know precisely what kind of "empathetic people" exploit murdered children to pursue their Statist agenda. We call them "Democrats".

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Anonymous said...

What I never see when Gun Control bills are pushed by the left is the honest open debate they call for. It is time, the left needs to be openly ridiculed and humiliated with their continual anti-reality views and open public debate needs to happen.

I want to hear a leftists reply to real world facts and how they know what they are talking about and what results they will guarantee for the bills they propose.

Anonymous said...

Asking a Liberal/Democrat to acknowledge facts or logic is like asking a vampire to see his reflection in a mirror.

PsychoDad said...

It ain't about facts or causes or results or effects. It's about "Doing the right thing" and feeling good about it afterward.

Kinda like when a junkie shoots up.

angrymike said...

Thanks.............Posted ....;)

Unknown said...

So remind me... when was the last time Mexico, England, Japan, Italy, Spain, or any other first world nation had a mass gun shooting problem?

directorblue said...


New York Daily News: Timeline of the worst mass shooting incidents across the globe over the past two decades.

Multiple instances of Britain, France, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, Germany, Finland, and Norway.

Lotsa gun control in all of those places.

Read and learn.

directorblue said...


I forgot Mexico. Mexico? Seriously? 50,000 murdered in the last 8 years?

Gee, you must be in a reality distortion field. Try extricating yourself.

Miguel said...

Mexico? The question is, when was the last time THIS MONTH they did not have one.

Mr.Clean said...

Unknown, are you not even aware that the largets school mass shootings in the world were in England and Germany, prior to Sandy Hook? The largest mass shooting, outside a school remains Norway. If you look at the article cited by directorblue, below, you'll see that ,most of the "first world" nations listed for mass shootings are (a) not the USA and (b) have very strict gun control - Britain, Germany, France, Finland, Australia, Canada, etc. all are on that list. Germany and France made it several times, even with strict gun control and a whole lot fewer people than us. Maxico? Mexico has over 5 times the murder rate of the U.S. (per UNODC statistics).

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem like the same crowd who is anti-Israel is anti-gun, anti-christian and big-time anti-war?

Anonymous said...

I'm generally pro gun ownership, but these stats are cherry picked to support an agenda. For example, the author puts up a graph that shows how the USA ranks lower in violent crime per capita among first world nations. However, when the graph is displayed that shows how the USA ranks in murder rates per capita, the graph depicts the USA in relation to "all UN nations".

A much more valid statistical approach would be to compare "like to like". The graph that shows the USA's murder rate per capita should compare the USA with other first world nations as well.

If such a graph would have been included, it would have shown that the USA has a much higher murder rate than other first world nations. It is intellectually dishonest of the author not to include this.

The message that the author is selling you is that "the more guns, the safer everyone is period". That is only partially true.

The truth is, in first world nations, strict gun control tends to lead to significantly higher violent crime, but also signficantly lower murder rates. This makes logical sense... a person is much less likely to provoke an assault or fistfight if they think the target might be armed. "An armed society is a polite society". On the flipside, if there is a higher proliferation of gun ownership, when there is a confrontation (and human beings will always have a confrontation from time to time), there is a much higher liklihood that the confrontation will end in a fatality.

I know this, and yet I still support the individual's right to own a firearm, because life is a gray area and there are pros and cons to everything. Is it better to have a few dozen more homicides but thousands less assaults and rapes? Possibly it is. I encourage everyone to educate themselves on both sides of the issue rather than just putting up one sided stats and yelling at the other side when they do the same thing.

Sane Man said...

Congrats Psycho Dad, no one has any idea what the hell you are talking about