Wednesday, December 19, 2012

AWESOME: Facebook plans autoplay video ads

Well, this ought to work out swimmingly.

The seemingly desperate quest for Facebook to make money out of its 1 billion users has taken another twist with rumours strengthening that it will roll out video ads that play automatically in news feeds.

The monetisation imperative already is facing an enormous backlash over a move by Facebook-owned Instagram to make money out of selling user images posted on the photo-sharing site.

Reggie Middleton predicted what would happen to Facebook nearly a year ago. His advice is well worth a review.

Hat tip: @Slone.


Anonymous said...

solution: Keep sound turned OFF.


Reaganite Independent said...

Why doesn't Zuck just blackmail us at random, he's got enough digital dirt on everybody already

Maybe he's just trying to spike the stock so he can dump some more lol