Saturday, December 29, 2012

MARK LEVIN: I'm thinking that perhaps the Democrat Party should rename itself the Fascist Party

History and reason both tell us that the Democrat Party is so completely addicted to power that they are willing to toss our highest law -- the Constitution -- into the sewer at every opportunity.

I'm starting to think the Democrat Party should rename itself the Fascist Party. Its love of an all powerful, centralized government, and contempt for independent, successful individuals, are traits of a fascist mentality. Killing the long-standing Senate filibuster while in the majority, but using it unconstitutionally to block judicial nominations when in the minority, underscores an ends-justifies-the-means treachery.

Power is the obsession, not societal improvement through virtue, prudence, and justice.

In 2009, I created an illustrated definition of the word "fascism". Read it, and weep for our Republic.

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