Monday, December 24, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Perfect Prison

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The Perfect Prison: Sultan Knish
Moving from an Emboldened Left in 2012 to a Legal Insurrection in 2013: LI
Avoiding Reality in the Gun Control Debate: Breitbart

Jazz Shaw’s The New Horizon on Gun Control: PatriotPerspective
Democrat Think-Tank: We Should Confiscate Guns: Loudon
The NR-F Minus: Six Meat Buffet

It's Time for Media Control: RWN
Cory Booker: “Criminals... killing people. Not [the] law-abiding”: JWF
California lawmakers train sights on gun ownership: Greenhut


Top GOP Senator: the "President Is Eager to Go Over the Cliff": GWP
How much did taxpayers lose in Obama’s GM bailout?: Knight
Worst of all worlds — all debt, no degree: CI

Here Comes the Cliff: Barone
Obama Gives Amnesty to Criminal Illegals and Illegals Under 30: Sentinel
The NLRB's Union Bonus: WSJ

Scandal Central

Hanoi John Kerry, Tax Evader: MB
Democrat Officials in MD, NJ, NY and MA Face Prison Time for Voter Fraud: GWP
The coming drone attack on America: Guardian (Naomi Wolf)

Climate & Energy

EPA offers hints on fracking’s future: Times


Why Does Anyone Need An Assault Rifle?: PatriotPerspective
‘How Dare You Let Your Mental Illness Disturb My Gun-Control Narrative?’: RSM
Wall Street Journal columnist explains on Twitter how to deport Piers Morgan: DC

Gregory Mocks LaPierre for Proposing Armed Guards, but Sends Kids to High-Security School: WS
Kwanzaa Is A Fraud of A "Holiday" Created With A Fascist Goal: Lid
Obama Saves Earth From Apocalypse: What's Next?: Cube

Scenery chewing in the Theater of Outrage over Wayne LaPierre's unremarkable news conference.: Althouse
Tagg Romney: My Father Wanted To Be President Less Than Anyone: Breitbart
Meet the woman who got fired for being irresistible: Greenroom


Netanyahu: On Jerusalem, I don't care what the UN says: Hayom
U.S. Press Won't Report That Egypt's Constitution Is Sharia-Based -- And Socialist: Blumer
Barack Obama wimping out on Chuck Hagel?: Moe Lane

More statistics that prove gun homicides haven’t gone down in Britain: Scoop
What Happened When Guns Banned in Australia: MagNote
Yen Declines Following Shinzo Abe's Threat to Change Japanese Law; An Idle Threat?: Mish

Sci-Tech (courtesy

NYPD to probe internet to detect future shooters: IT News Australia
World's Oldest Wooden Water Wells Discovered: NatureWorldNews
The Truth About Psych Drugs: WheelGun


Thoughts On Gun Control From The Late Paul Harvey: Wolf Howling
Sweets, Treats and Tweets: MOTUS
Meet 1912’s Perfect Woman: Pear-Shaped, 171 Lbs, Doesn’t Know Fear: Jezebel

Image: This Is Why Launching Fireworks From a Hot-Air Balloon Isn’t the Best Idea
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Happy Post-Non-Apocalypse!

QOTD: "Senate Democrats have been avoiding tough votes on fiscal issues for some time. They haven’t passed a budget resolution for three years, though the budget act requires them to do so.

That likely reflects a reluctance to make their policies clear to the public and, perhaps, differences in their caucus making it as hard for them to muster a majority as it was for Boehner Thursday night.

Are we going over the cliff? Looks like it to me." --Michael Barone

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