Friday, December 21, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: "Get the hell off the stage, Boehner"

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"Get the hell off the stage, Boehner": Scoop
446 Children Shot in Chicago This Year, Media Curiously Silent: NoisyRm
Boehner's "Plan B" a Miserable Failure: Times

What the Looming Port Strike Is Really About: Malkin
Gun Control and Sandy Hook: Boortz
Harvard: Firearm Ownership Doesn't Correlate With Violence: CFIF (2007)

"Nothing more dangerous to liberals...": Scoop
Apocalypse now: Cold Fury
Transgender Teen Planned Shooting, Bombing at AZ H.S.: Sooper


The Law That Could Have Prevented the Newtown Massacre: NoisyRm
Obama: Raise Tax On The Rich....For The (Murdered) Children: Ace
Why Are Broke Local Governments Paying For Agenda 21?: LoneCon

The 7 most illuminating economic charts of 2012: AEI
The GOP's Horrific Political Strategy: Hawkins
Boehner Kills Vote on Plan B, Recesses for Christmas: Bruce

Scandal Central

Three Debate Tips for Those Calling for More Gun Restrictions: Ari
Colorado Teacher Union Coordinator Gets Caught “Off Camera”: Spotlight
The Feds Can't Unload GM Quick Enough...: Reason

Climate & Energy

Steven Chu to leave Department of Energy?: Moe Lane
CLIMATE CHANGE FAIL: New leak shows predictions of planetary warming have been overstated: Times
Massive snowstorm blamed for deaths in 5 states: USA Today


An Open Letter To Dr. Janet Rosenbaum: Finem Respice
The 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes Of 2012: Hawkins
Jordan Bred 11 riots, deaths: Twitchy

Attention, Piers Morgan: Is Saturation Coverage Encouraging Mass Murderers?: Ace
GOA’s Larry Pratt DESTROYS CNN’s Piers Morgan on CT Shooting: NoisyRm
In Which Obama Fails To Mention A Single Instance Of Gun Violence in Chicago: Glob

Piers Morgan berates another pro-gun advocate on his show, calls John Lott a liar: RedAlert
It's Handguns Now? Mental Midget Soledad O'Brien Repeatedly Asks Democrats About Limiting Handguns: NB
Personage of the Year Magazine Covers: Cube


Benghazi Whitewash Report: Systematic State Department Failures: JWF
Proof of a Scandal: U.S. Policy is Making Syria into an Anti-Western, Antisemitic Islamist State: BRubin
Spec ops troops’ stress ‘worse than we thought’: ArmyTimes

Violent Britain: NRO
A Soldier's Eye View of Chuck Hagel: Tom Cotton
Turkey Endorses Iranian Nuke, No One Notices: Mauro

Sci-Tech (courtesy

China now blocking encryption: Schneier
The top 4 career trends for 2013: VenBeat
Air Force asks ESPN for help in analyzing drone footage: Fox


Other Refinement: Worst. Gingerbread. House. Ever.: R&R
Just in time for Christmas: Obama Barbies: Henneman
Annual Company Christmas Party: AmPower

Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Allen West: Boycott All Travel to Mexico!

QOTD: "I agree [U.S. Marine Jon] Hammar’s treatment is an “absolute disgrace and it is unconscionable that Jay Carney knew nothing about this. There is no excuse for this and the picture of an American, a Marine, chained to a cot is despicable.

In some ways, Lance Corporal Hammar is another victim of the botched “Fast and Furious” program. Mexico has stringent gun control laws in part because of weapons illicitly purchased in the US and trafficked back into Mexico.

I pray that, just as with Benghazi, the new normal for Time magazine’s Man of the Year is not to abandon this Marine, as his Administration did two Navy SEALs. These actions only serve to erode the trust and confidence in the Commander-in-Chief from our men and women in uniform – and all Americans, for that matter.

Support the travel boycott to Mexico, and call the White House to let this Administration know we do not tolerate abandoning LC Hammar.”--Rep. Allen West

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