Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: 2012 Lie of the Year: Government is affordable

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2012 Lie of the Year: Government is affordable: Hot Air
The March to Liberty: TL in Exile
Massive Response to Petition to Deport Piers Morgan: MB

The importance of prosecuting David Gregory...: LI
Do the coup on Boo-Hoo. Boehner, that's who: AWD
David Gregory's kids' school has 11 armed guards: Breitbart


Change: 712,000 Americans Fell Into Poverty Last Year: GWP
Spending to Increase 55 Percent Under Obama's Plan: WS
Gun Sales Set Hits Record Of 16.8M Background Checks: Breitbart

FDR policies prolonged Depression by 7 years: UCLA
Congratulations: California named worst "Judicial Hellhole": Exam
American dream fades for Generation Y professionals: Hot Air

Chicago Teachers Union offers class cutting help to members: Marathon
What Millions Want For Christmas: A Job: Mish
Fuzzy Numbers Drive Obama Hurricane Sandy Request: Foundry

Scandal Central

Holder imports more foreign Muslim terrorists to U.S. courts: Creeping
Erik Loomis' Twitter Timeline Available Dating Back to June 2012: AmPower
NY Newspaper Publishes Name, Address Of Every Handgun Owner In Nearby Counties: WZ

Climate & Energy

Yay! I've been included on an eco-terrorist assassination list! They were kind enough to include my address!: Adams
The Message Of Christmas Is Important For Hotcoldwetdry Or Something: Cove


Krugman vs. … Krugman on doomsday cults and the national debt: AEI
More fact-free claims about austerity: Hayek
Sam Donaldson Tells Tea Partiers 'It's Not Your Country Anymore - It's Our Country': NB

Random Thoughts: Sowell
Sandy Clause: Hopenchange Cartoons
Piers Morgan wants ‘amendment to the Bible’ on gay marriage: Twitchy

The NRA plan is so stupid that 1/3rd of all public schools already use it: NRO
AP Cites Only 2.7 Percent Black Friday Weekend Rise After Trumpeting 7 Percent Weeks Ago: BizzyBlog
Getting into the eggnog? Fox Nation at it again, baffles followers with hilarious mistweet: Twitchy


Jews should never be without weapons — nor should anyone else: Bookworm
The Islamization of Germany in 2012: Gatestone
13 injured after Chinese man drives car with makeshift-explosives into students: Fox

First rocket launched from Gaza since Pillar of Defense cease-fire: Hayom
Mainstream Media Decides By Defending Itself Israel is Blocking Peace: Lid
Piers Morgan Deportation Petition Reaches 49,000 Signatures, White House Must Respond: Mediaite

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue.com/Tech)

2012: The year cloud computing took a bite out of IT: InfoWorld
Google's Biggest Hits and Misses of 2012: PC World
Spooks use internet and social media to advertise their skills: smh


Merry Christmas from Mish and Darlene Love: Mish
Cutting the Cord, Part 1: Content: IMAO
Officials: NY gunman set 'trap' for firefighters: AP

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QOTD: "So many violent metaphors from the Apostles Of Nonviolence. And may I note that if teachers are too dumb and undisciplined (“mobs”) to be trusted with guns, then why, exactly, are they to be trusted with our children?" --Glenn Reynolds

Bonus QOTD: "I doubt David Gregory intended to violate D.C.’s ban on the possession or transfer of high capacity ammunition magazines when he waved around such a magazine during his interview of Wayne LaPierre yesterday... But assuming, as Gregory stated, that the magazine was for an AR-15, then why shouldn’t Gregory and the staffers to and from whom the magazine was transferred, be prosecuted? Particularly in light of Gregory’s aggressive demand for more guns laws.

...Why should NBC News and its star be above the law? There’s another lesson here.

Gregory’s possible violation of the law was exposed by the conservative blogosphere, which also pointed out that Gregory sends his kids to a school with armed security at the same time he was mocking the NRA suggestion of armed security in schools." --William Jacobson

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