Sunday, December 02, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Depicts Republicans as Kidnappers--Says don’t let the GOP hold middle class tax cuts "hostage"

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Obama: Don’t let the GOP hold middle class tax cuts "hostage": Malkin
Conservatives vs. the GOP : Fund
Sen. Hatch: Obama fiscal proposal 'classic bait and switch': Hill

Reid site scrubbed of '05 comments opposing filibuster changes: Blaze
Obama Votes “Present” On Palestinian Funding: Cove
Germany to Register Gun Owners in International Database: DC


FAIL: Collecting Disability Becomes A Career Choice For Men: IBD
IDIOCY: CBO says unemployment compensation creates jobs: Publius
Liberal Democrats: Higher rates for wealthy 'just the beginning': Hill

$165K, job security, 11 weeks vacation: NOT GOOD ENOUGH: ProWis
French minister: we're just nationalizing industries like Obama: Ace
Obama family 'costs taxpayers $1.4BILLION per year': Daily Mail

Scandal Central

Save a Life, Mr. President — Deport Unlicensed Drivers: RWN
This Unserious White House: WSJ
Obama proposes $1 trillion student loan bailout: Breitbart

Climate & Energy

16 years without warming: Watts
Ethanol: List of Mandate’s Victims Keeps Growing: Foundry


See No Evil: Beacon
Victoria Toensing: Pro-Choice Republicans Must Come Out of the Closet: Ace
ACLJ: United Nations Vote Backing Palestinians Threatens Israel & Peace: RWN

The Conservative Dilemma: Camp o' the Saints
Joe Biden Makes Black Woman Push Shopping Cart During Costco Visit: Waznmentobe
Just Another Mickey Mouse Argument on Copyright Law: ChicagoBoyz

Remembering Some of Those Who Said the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Wasn't a Threat to Democracy: NB
As usual, the Times blames Israel: Matzav
Cut off* NPR & PBS in return for higher tax rate on “wealthy”?: GayPatriot


Arab Spring Film Awards: Steyn
Hillary Slams Israel For Approving Construction Of New Homes In Jerusalem, West Bank: WZ
NHS "death pathway" isn't just for old people: Pundette

If Iran tries to attack, Israel will reportedly target its missiles before they get off the ground: Times of Israel
US will build $100 million nuclear bunker near Tel Aviv: Hayom
Iran stations defense staff at North Korea military site: JPost

Obama to Treat Terror as Crime, Not War: Breitbart
The Trouble With Susan Rice: WSJ
Introduction: a Call to Cryptographic Arms: Cryptome: Assange

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Why Did Google Buy BufferBox? Because The Entire Mail And Package Delivery System Is Broken: Crunch
Windows 8 uptake: More like Vista than Windows 7: CompWorld
Newly Developed MRI Scan Shows Twins Fighting Inside The Womb: Mediaite


Fun Facts About the 50 States: New Jersey: IMAO
This important message brought to you by…PBS!: MOTUS
Kim Kardashian starts a riot!: Daily Mail

Image: Virtue Has No Value
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QOTD: "One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results." —Milton Friedman

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