Thursday, December 06, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Only 16 Members Can Unseat Boehner, Group Says

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Only 16 Members Can Unseat Boehner, Group Says: Breitbart
Boehner Has To Go: Ignore the Constitution, Party Uber Alles!: Riehl
Palin: Boehner's Sellout Won't Be Forgotten in 2014: Breitbart

Democrats poised to raise taxes… on their own voters: Moe Lane
“Sadly, I was wrong” about Obama, isn’t good enough: LI
Go kulak — more of nothing is nothing: LI

Weird: Reid declines to bring a vote on Obama’s cliff plan: Hot Air
Boehner to members: Leadership is watching your voting patterns: Hill
Steyn: Obama aims to finish FDR's work, create 'a big Sweden': HySci


It's Never Different This Time: ZH
Detroit To Obama: Where's Our Obama Money?: Joshua
The 11 Death Spiral States: ZH

Report: Obamacare Patients Likely To Struggle To Find Doctors: Reason
The underworked public employee: AEI
Bombshell: Deutsche Bank Hid $12 Billion In Losses To Avoid Bail-Out: ZH

Scandal Central

Grassley keeping Fast and Furious investigation alive; heads roll: Twitchy
Elizabeth Warren’s Senate Campaign: a tsunami of red ink, “coffee and pizza” to blame: DTG
Michelle Malkin: The right needs to stop navel gazing and start fighting the leftist radicalization of America: Scoop


Conservatives Actually Suck at This: Erickson
Norquist: Obama’s Failed Fiscal Cliff Ideas Like a ‘Seinfeld Episode Where No Learning Takes Place’: Publius
Obama Seeking Third Term? Entrepreneur Scares Up Business With Dubious Claim: USN&WR

The 60 Best Conservative Blogs For 2012 (6th Annual): RWN
An Open Letter to Colin Powell from the Frederick Douglass Foundation: FDFNY
Amber Alert: Paul Ryan: Camp o' the Saints

Krauthammer: Obama has U.S. more than Halfway to Collapse of Dollar and the Economy: FreeLight
White House Opens Its Doors to MSNBC Hosts: AIM
Sharpton Way Behind on Washington, D.C. Rent; Faces Eviction: NLPC


For Israel, double trouble in Syrian WMDs, jihadis on border: Hayom
CAIR Targets Morsi/Brotherhood Critics: IPT
Islam’s Rise and the West’s Denial: Creeping

NYT: Arms Shipments ‘Secretly’ Approved by Obama Ended Up in Hands of Islamists: Blaze
Syrian military reportedly mixing sarin gas; Has ‘red line’ been crossed?: Twitchy
Report: Mullen’s personal computers hacked by Chinese: ArmyTimes

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Brain Disease Found In NFL Players: Slashdot
Harry Reid Launches Online Gambling Power Grab: Tatler
World's Oldest Dinosaur Foosil Found in Museum: Verge


Wisconsin Judge Orders Deadbeat Dad Of Nine (With Six Women) To Stop Procreating: TSG
Tapper to Carney: Back to “hostage” again, eh, champ?: Hot Air
Global media conceals fact that soccer players who beat Dutch referee to death were Militant Lutherans: JihadWatch

Image: Obituary: Maj. Gen. Tony Deane Drummond
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Tell Boehner to Reinstate the “Fiscal Four”

QOTD: "In 2001, Democrats argued 100 percent of the Bush tax cuts were bad. Now, 98 percent of them are so good that to consider removing them is bad. Progress." --Charlie W. Cook

Bonus QOTD: "First, stop inviting squishy Republicans to take the flag flanked stage at conservative conferences thereby providing conservative bona fides to those who do not deserve it.

Second, conservatives should set up a super PAC dedicated to defeating Saxby Chambliss in Georgia and maybe Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. Don’t do a major super PAC to do both, but one for each.

Third, conservatives need to invest in their ground game. They need to begin tomorrow using technology like Political Gravity or similar software to organize and outmaneuver the GOP itself. They’ll need to work to unify early behind Senate challengers in Louisiana and elsewhere too.

Fourth, they need to use off year elections at the municipal level next year and ballot questions to begin testing the data.

Fifth, they are going to need to convince the grassroots that the GOP is salvageable by convincing the grassroots to clean house in primaries with credible challengers.

Sixth, they need to actually practice discernment. There are a lot of self-styled conservative groups and consultants out there not worth a warm bucket of spit. There are a lot of candidates who talk the talk, but are terrible candidates who cannot win general elections. Conservatives need to discern the good from the bad. They can start by taking direction from groups like Heritage Action for America, Senate Conservatives Fund, Club For Growth, American Majority, the Madison Project, and a few others that have solid records and are actually interested in winning, not just losing well, and then are willing to still stand on the ramparts fighting when everybody else is caving to the glow of orange tans.

Conservatives are either going to hang together or separately. Right now they are getting played because Boehner, McConnell, and the like are sure the conservative movement has become a paper tiger. And, to be honest, conservatives have shown them this is true.

The only way to change it is money or primary challengers or, better, both. Citizens United showed it doesn’t really work as the critics said it would in the Presidential cycle. But it worked in 2010 for conservative activists against the establishment.

Conservatives now need to work even harder in 2014. Either start blowing stuff up or shut up. " --Erick Erickson


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Mr Burns of The Simpsons explains the Fiscal Cliff...

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