Saturday, December 01, 2012

LAUGHINGSTOCK: The Washington Post Commits Suicide

Is there anyone on either side of the aisle that takes The Washington Post seriously?

That's a rhetorical question.

"Obama takes a hard line on debt"?

"Obama takes a hard line on debt"?

"Obama takes a hard line on debt"?

Here's the real debt that Barack Obama and the Democrats have created since January of 2009, depicted in red.

You see that tiny little sliver of green? That's Obama's proposal - to generate about $80 billion by raising taxes on "the rich".

That's what The Washington Post calls "a hard line on the debt."

This egregious deficit spending cannot be sustained much longer: two, three years tops, according to former House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer, before the system begins to unravel.

We are headed for a societal collapse. We are headed for runaway inflation, a collapse of the currency, and civil unrest... in that order. We are seeing it break out in Europe now, we saw it in Argentina a dozen years ago, and we saw it in the Weimar Republic before the rise of Hitler.

Inevitably, the laws of economics overtake the politics.

And The Washington Post is led by people so criminally dishonest and so infected with partisan greed that they are willing to lie -- boldfaced -- to the American people time and time again, as the country prepares to walk off the real economic cliff.

Photo of headline: @EmilyMiller.


Reaganite Republican said...

Servantile touts

Chris Arsenault said...

Doug - you're looking at it all wrong... it's such a sliver, it actually is a line...

directorblue said...

@Chris - hahahhaa. you're absolutely right!

Bones said...

Whatever happens, the Republicans and Conservatives will be blamed. Obama's goal is a one party system.
Once obtained, a constitutional convention will be formed and the bill of rights will be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

One remaining part of my service business is with "rich" customers in nice neighborhoods and guess what, after the election they are putting the clamps on spending and just letting things go. Have you ever seen the stack of bills "rich" people pay to live where they do? Heck, I'd feel fortunate to live in one of their closets. What Barry expects to extract will not be much more than the mountain traveler who upon getting stranded in the hills takes the tires off his truck to burn them for warmth. We are so screwed, we are living in Obama's ghetto and the WP is giving it to Barry where he lives, on the down low.

Dave said...

"Burning the tires" may be the best analogy for this nonsense I have ever heard!

Anonymous said...

In Maine we call it "burning the furniture". Instead of putting forth the effort to cut firewood you simply "burn the furniture" in a last effort to keep warm before the house freezes up due to your lack of effort and laziness. The useless now outnumber the productive. We are witnessing the downfall of the greatest country the earth has ever seen. May God bless our surviving children.I personally have "Gone Galt"