Saturday, December 08, 2012

WE'RE HEADED FOR ANOTHER 9/11 ONLY WITH DEADLIER WEAPONS: Dick Cheney takes a flamethrower to Obama

The ramifications of President Obama's foreign policy and national security decisions are utterly predictable -- and provably catastrophic. Speaking at the Hudson Institute earlier this week, former Vice President Dick Cheney served notice to the Democrat Party and its sycophants.

It’s a very very dangerous part of the world.. and when I hear that our President got Bin Laden, problem solved... that Al Queda is toast, that they are significantly diminished and that we can pivot now because the United States no longer has to be concerned about developments in that part of the world and focus our efforts on Asia, I am on the one-hand appalled.

...We have got more territory now in that part of the world when you start to add up all the areas that have come or are coming under the influence of the Muslim brotherhood and the radical Islamists. There is a lot more land and territory there for safe harbors and sanctuaries for terrorists than we ever faced back in the time of 9/11. That entire part of the world appears to be or a good part of it certainly to be moving in the direction that is fundamentally hostile to the long term US interest and yet we are, seem to be unable to influence events in that part of the world partly because we are headed for the exits and everybody knows we are headed for the exits.

We pulled out of Iraq, we didn’t even bother to negotiate the final agreement that was traditional in those kind of relationships. We are well on our way out of Afghanistan and we have a president who's been to Cairo and one of the first things he did was to apologize for the U.S. reaction to 9/11, alleging that we quote “overreacted and fallen away from our basic traditional values”...

...Faced with a very real prospect that an area of the world that has spawned terrorists by the thousands some who’ve come to the United States and killed Americans, Al Qaeda is back in business. The United Stated, which once used to dominate that part of the world not long ago, who had valued allies and bases throughout the area, that had been looked to for leadership... for example at the time when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, we were able to muster some 36 or 37 nations to gather with us to liberate Kuwait and send Saddam back into Iraq. And we got the rest of the world to pay 50 out of the 55 billion dollar cost of the exercise. That day is gone...

I think certainly in my conversations with many of our allies, they no longer believe us, they no longer trust us, they no longer believe they can count of the United States of America to do what we did 20 years ago... the President can make bold statements and bold talk as he did in the past couple of days about developments in Syria, but I don’t think they care. Unless something fundamentally different happens, I have grave doubts that he is prepared to do anything with Syria, except hope that he can get away what he has up until now by saying, "well, I got Bin Laden, problem solved." It’s far from solved if anything the national security threat we face is as serious as is the economic one.

When you add to that the enormous damage that is and is about to be done to the United States military with a trillion dollar cut... when you add up what’s already on the budget as well as take out another 500 billion we are doing long term damage to our military capabilities...

So what we are doing today, by way of damaging the US military is going to be a fact of life that future presidents are going to have to deal with. Barack Obama isn’t just dealing with his budget problems; he in fact is restricting the future capabilities of the next president two or three times down the road in terms of our capacity to be able to deal with fundamental threats to the United States and they are out there and we can be absolutely certain that there are people out there tonight planning to do what happened on 9/11 only with deadlier weapons than 19 hijackers armed with airline tickets and box cutters.

This disarmament is precisely what Trevor Loudon has been warning us about for years. America -- starting with its "imperialism" (strong national defense) and "wealth inequality" (capitalism) -- must be fundamentally transformed.

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Greenleaf said...

When it happens again, and it will, it'll be F&F lll, or Bengazi ll-I hope ground zero is the WH and our boy ain't out playing golf