Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Amnesty Supporters – Fire Them and Don’t Hire Them!

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Amnesty Supporters – Fire Them and Don’t Hire Them!: Tammy Bruce
Pelosi Admits Amnesty Push: “70% of Hispanics Vote Democrat”: WZ
How embarrassing: Priebus tells Latinos, “The GOP has changed.”: Kuznicki

Obama Tells Africans Not To Trust America: John Hawkins
Inside the NSA: Matthew M. Aid
Sheriff’s Fight With Feds Likely Over Residents Carrying Guns: CBS Sacramento

Mission Accomplished: Liberty News
Gunowner Insurance Proposals Threaten At Federal, State Level: Bearing Arms
Magpul Donates Mags for Recall of Pro-Gun Control Dems: AmmoLand


36 Hard Questions About The U.S. Economy the Media Should Be Asking: TECB
Eurozone jobless rate at record high of 12.1 percent: Commentator
Obama On $100M Family Trip To Africa; Cancels July 4th Fireworks: WZ

Scandal Central

The IRS Continues Its Abuse Of Power: Loren Heal
Rise in Illegal Immigration Overwhelms Local Police: JW
GLAAD: Alec Baldwin's Homophobic Rants: Totes Cool: Ace

Climate & Energy

Our President Needs a Science Lesson: Steve Maley
Obama: 'Planet Will Boil Over' If Young Africans Are Allowed Cars, Air-Conditioning, Big Houses: CNS
Why Did High Priest Of Cthulhu George W. Bush Train Conservatives To H8 Gaia?: RSM


Americans reward the Obamas' endless African safari with a new poll plummet: Andrew Malcolm
Network News: 33 Minutes to Ancient Paula Deen Slur, 8 Minutes to New Alec Baldwin One: Ace
IBD/TIPP Poll: Obama's Approval Dives To Record Low: IBD

Sen. Ted Cruz: Priest’s beheading ‘grim reminder’ not to arm jihadists: Twitchy
Mark Levin on Zimmerman trial: The prosecution appears to have no case at all: Scoop
Pamela Geller SLAMS Jihadi Apologist Michael Ghouse For Slander on National TV: GWP

Are you kidding me? CNN broadcasts George Zimmerman’s personal info including his #SSN: Scoop
Alec Baldwin: He is the very Model of a Modern Media Liberal: Da Tech Guy
Restaurant Bonefish Grill Drops Spokesperson Alec Baldwin: Sooper


After Speaking To Obama, Morsi Rebuffs 48 Hour Ultimatum: Nice Deb
Obama 2011: Mubarak Must Go; Obama Today: ‘It’s not our job to choose who Egypt’s leaders are’ : JWF
Crickets from White House on Largest Protest in Human History: Tatler

Sophisticated, Educated, Enlightened Europeans Shocked to Learn Obamessiah's Been Spying On Them: Ace
French President Hollande Gives Obama An Ultimatum: ZH
A Bad, Bad Choice: CJHSLA

Yes, You Can Tell the Truth About Jihad Violence in Britain (As Long As You’re For It): Robert Spencer
Obama supports voter ID. For Kenyans.: Todd Cefaratti, TPNN
The NSA's Harmless ‘Metadata’? German Politician Shows You What It Reveals: Liz Klimas, Blaze


If You Search, Advertise on, Invest in, or Have Kids Who Use Google, You Must See This: Rob Enderle
10 biggest home networking mistakes (and how to fix them): Network World
Facebook's Advertising Is Starting To Spiral Out Of Control: Forbes


The true meaning of the 4th of July: Rick Montes, TAC
Our Rainbow Connection: MOTUS
30 Under 30: RedAlert

Image: Egypt on edge after military's ultimatum to Morsi
Sponsored by: Call Eric Cantor Now at 202-225-4000 and Tell Him NO AMNESTY: BORDER SECURITY NOW.

QOTD: "According to Der Spiegel, the NSA has been going through the phones, computers, and who knows what else of European Union officials. If European politicians were any angrier, they would be commenting on Daily Kos. They're so mad, Islamic Rage Boy is telling them to calm down. Alec Baldwin is imploring them to not lose their temper...

As an American, I'm not particularly bothered by the NSA giving a technological colonoscopy to every electronic gadget used by every European diplomat. That's just good old-fashioned intelligence-gathering. The U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment doesn't say Jacques merde about unreasonable searches on foreign officials.

Of course, it doesn't bother me because I'm not a European diplomat and I never really thought Obama was the embodiment of hope and change. If I had gone to that big rally in Berlin in 2008 and told my constituents that this president really was the polar opposite of George W. Bush in all the ways that mattered to those kumbaya-minded Europeans, well… yeah, I'd feel like a fool, too." --Jim Geraghty

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