Thursday, July 25, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Mark Levin: John Boehner Cut a Deal With Obama on Benghazi

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Mark Levin: John Boehner Cut a Deal With Obama on Benghazi: RCP
New Obama Scandal At DOE: Whistleblowers Illegally Gagged: Nice Deb
Benghazi Wounded David Ubben Story Seeing Sunlight: MagNote

Obama: Stop the Phony Scandals!: Keith Koffler
Unsung Black People: Ann Coulter
Communists push Amnesty; only the Tea Party can stop them: Trevor Loudon

Is the White House Planning to Abolish the Briefing?: Keith Koffler
Pelosi: We Need To Uphold The Constitution By Enacting Gun Control: RWN
Sheriffs Sue Over Colorado Gun Control: 'This Is Our Alamo': PatriotUpdate


Obamacare drives major insurer out of three states: Bryan Preston
Obamacare Puts CiCi's Pizza Out of Business: RightPundit
Support for ObamaCare Repeal Hits New High: Sam Baker

Ted Cruz hammers Obama economic speech: “He’s out of ideas": Scoop
Wisconsin Teachers’ Unions In Full Collapse: Derrick Hollenbeck
Obama's Stale Message: TAB

Five FL cities that may be future Detroits: Watchdog Wire
Judge: State lawsuits cannot block Detroit bankruptcy filing: RedAlert
Chicago school pensions may doom city to Detroit's fate: Illinois Review

Scandal Central

ANOTHER OBAMA SCANDAL: DOE Secretary illegally prohibited employees from speaking to Congress: Scoop
Alejandro Mayorkas, Anthony Rodham, Greentech, Terry McAuliffe, and Hillary Clinton: STACLU
DETAILS: Possible New Scandal Surfaces Against Clinton Family: FNI

Records of snooping in Republican candidate's tax records disappear : John Hayward
Timeline of Anthony Weiner's Sociopathic Sexting and The Dishonesty of Him and His Wife Huma Abedin: Patterico
Congress Launches Investigation Into Mysterious Seal Team Six Helicopter Crash: Nice Deb

Climate & Energy

Employee: Terry McAuliffe's GreenTech company "isn't a real company": Breitbart
Global Warming Inexplicably on Pause: Outcast
An alarmist prediction so bad, even Gavin Schmidt thinks it is implausible: Anthony Watts


Who Tipped BuzzFeed About Weiner’s Cyber-Girlfriend Sydney Leathers?: R.S. McCain
Weiner’s Sexting Girlfriend a Fan of Every Far-Left Nutcase on the Political Scene : JWF
Zero Air Time on CBS Evening News For Latest Weiner Sex Scandal: Matthew Balan

NBC: Huma Abedin Learned From 'Master' Hillary Clinton, Her 'Political Role Model': Kyle Drennen
Obama Approval Rating Plummets Among Independents in New Fox News Poll, Down to 25%: RightPundit
According to Nancy Pelosi, the Republicans control the Senate: Twitchy

Obama’s Economic Speech Was Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing: Glob
Presidential Poll: Carson and West Join Top Five: CHQ
For Paul Krugman, Everything’s An Exception: Dan McLaughlin


The New Appeasement: Gates of Vienna
Israel Angered by U.S. Leaks of Submarine Missile Attack on Syria : WFB
Obama Supporter Goes On Pro-Morsi Rant In Cairo - Allahu Akbars Abound : Blazing Cat Fur


As Machines Get Smarter, Evidence Grows that They Learn Like Us: Natalie Wolchover, SciAm
Amazon Web Services files complaint in court over CIA contract: John Ribeiro, IDG
Lifehacker Pack for Chrome 2013: Our List of the Best Extensions: Thorin Klosowski, LifeHacker


Carlos Danger Steers the Weiner Waggin’: MOTUS
A Natural Mistake: Hope n' Change Cartoons
There Goes the Neighborhood: Nate Beeler

Image: Presidential Poll: Carson and West Join Top Five
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QOTD: "It [Obama's latest speech on the economy] was completely empty because he doesn't have anything to say, anything new to offer. It was the usual stuff, it could have been a campaign speech -- it was a campaign speech. I mean, somebody ought to tell the president that the 2012 election is officially over and he won and there isn't going to be another one for him. The main complaint I would have is that if you wanted to deliver a completely empty speech and you do it in Washington, you'll save the CO2 emissions that you get on Air Force One from delivering it in Illinois. That's the main critique I would offer, from a global warming perspective." --Charles Krauthammer


Anonymous said...

As a life long Liberal I must say, the scandals regarding Anthony Weiner must stop.
We as a Party have worked tirelessly to promote equality and justice for all. Our gains have been significant - honoring homosexuality and transvestitism in our Armed Services, championing women on the front line, and dismissing the old guard. We now see women in their teens laying hold of their reproductive rights by aborting the unwanted; our children are learning the joys of masturbation, oral sex and gender neutrality. We have punished our opponents, silenced our detractors, and spread the wealth with increased spending and printing. We are working hard to not be a "city on a hill" but rather America's morning star - the first light of a new day. So please people, leave Anthony Weiner alone, he will make a fine Mayor. These phony scandals are just about sex and his detractors are obsessed with that part of him which is private. I promise you, if you keep troubling Weiner, you will go blind, so rise up America and support our Party of Hope, get on your feet for Change, wrap your arms around Equality, and march arm in arm with our Values. This is no time to go wobbly, support our next Mayor, Anthony Weiner.

Anonymous said...

Run Anthony Run, you are only being tested to see if you can handle the pressure. The Mayor's office awaits; NYC needs a leader; you can't fail now - this is a stepping stone!