Wednesday, July 17, 2013

TRAYVON-INSPIRED RIOTS KILL 3 JOURNALISTS: Richard Cohen, Maureen Dowd, and Chris Matthews burned alive


Now, in real life this horrific incident didn't happen.

But the point is, it could.

The same man hailed by journalists like these as the first post-racial president is a divider, not a uniter. He sows discontent, hatred, revenge, intolerance and unrest.

His attorney general has consistently lied to the public, lied to Congress, and helped foment race hatred.

And men like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, clinging to a picture of America many decades old, spread prejudice, bigotry and anxiety.

Black versus Hispanic. Hispanic versus White. Black versus Asian. Christian versus Muslim. Rich versus poor. Overweight versus underweight. Women versus Men.

Everywhere you look, the country has been divided by this man and his cronies into segments. Not Americans. Segments. Segments to be pandered to, to be agitated, to be bribed, to be rewarded, to be punished, to be incited.

And the civil society decays like a rotten tooth.

The irony is, media hacks like the ones mentioned above never saw it coming. Too blinkered, too stupid, too twisted, too ideological, they and their ilk will suffer with the rest of society as America unravels before their dumbfounded, stupefied eyes.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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