Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TRANSCRIPT: Mark Levin on Cavuto -- Obama's Scandals are Real, It's His Rhetoric That's Phony

Mark Levin, appearing today on Your World With Neil Cavuto:

This President could give a damn about serious investigations regarding the scandals swirling around his administration. And then his lackeys go on TV, including Fox News Sunday, and tell us there's no evidence? Their people plead the Fifth. The Attorney General doesn't conduct investigations.

And what's necessary is for the Republicans in the House to get their act together.

We don't need five separate House committees investigating Benghazi. We need one Special Investigative Commitee -- with former U.S. assistant attorneys and other types of prosecutors, who are serious people and have the resources necessary full-time to pursue these matters -- and put the information out on the table.

Same with the Internal Revenue Service investigation. We've got committees tripping over one another, claiming jurisdiction. Once again, we need experts, we need to pursue these things with a Special Investigative Committee.

And then the pressure builds for a Special Prosecutor. Even though Holder won't want to appoint one, over time enough information will come out where it will become necessary.

The President of the United States -- it's been almost a year -- will still not tell the American people what he was doing for eight-and-a-half hours after our consulate was attacked in Benghazi...

The President uses his word phony [to describe his scandals]. It's actually a perfect word for him, because his speeches are phony, his promises are phony, his economy is phony, the whole damn thing is phony.

Let me tell you something... from my point of view, once more, the Speaker of the House, he's in charge of organizing these investigations... and he won't. They're flopping around, they're navel-gazing... because they don't think there's anything political in this. They're playing rope-a-dope, they're playing it safe, they want to push through the next election.

Boehner wants to remain Speaker, Cantor Majority Leader... the point is, the fact is, if they'd been running effective investigations, one committee -- a joint committee -- with some of the sharpest, toughest individuals we know investigating Benghazi, we'd be to the bottom of this already.

Same with the IRS scandal. The president should be served with an interrogatory. It's been done before...

What is everybody talking about? Weiner's weiner, for God's sakes... The Trayvon Martin case, that went on for a month.

Meanwhile, we have an Internal Revenue Service that was illegally attacking United States citizens because of their politics, because of their political viewpoints, because of their religion. I mean, for crying out loud, if that doesn't raise an uproar... we have four Americans dead and the President of the United States is running all over the country and refuses to tell the American people what the hell he was doing for eight-and-a-half hours. I think he was sleeping. But he won't say.

We have this NSA -- massive gathering of telephone numbers -- basically nationalizing the phone companies' records as if that's going to fight terrorism...

[On Christie's support of the NSA program and attacks on Rand Paul] ...Maybe this Chris Christie can get in front of these 9/11 families and tell us how this NSA program would have saved a single life or prevented a single terrorist attack. You know how these terrorists got into this country? The border wasn't secure and they overstayed their visas. What is Chris Christie's position on that?

Christie's weak on Amnesty. So I think it's a mistake for him to use 9/11 to attack who he believes will be his political opponents in a Republican primary...

We conservatives have been fighting against the Republican establishment for half a century, whether they take the form of Chris Christie, or Romney... or Gerald Ford or Richard Nixon.

This country needs to move in a new direction, economically, Constitutionally, when it comes to our Bill of Rights.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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suek said...

"...tell us how this NSA program would have saved a single life or prevented a single terrorist attack"

Apparently it stopped a subway bombing in New York.

I still have mixed feelings about this - don't think I know enough.

We _do_ have enemy. On the other hand...I can see where our own government could become the enemy. It all depends on how strong your trust for the government is. Mine used to be strong. Now...not so much.