Tuesday, July 16, 2013

THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED: The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Helps Men De-Stress

First runner-up headline: New test-taking strategies, er, uncovered [NSFW].

Well men, we’ve done it... thanks to research conducted by Carnegie Mellon University...

The study assigned 54 straight men to view either mildly erotic (think Sports Illustrated) or neutral images of mix-sex couples before completing a social stress test. The results found that the men who viewed the semi-erotic photos were half as likely to feel stressed when taking the test compared to the guys who viewed the nonsexual pictures. The study also found that 50 per cent of men performed better on the math portion of a stress test ─ which would have been nice to know before my 11th grade math exam.

“When you’re stressed, your body produces more of a hormone called cortisol, which excites your nervous system and disrupts your brain’s problem-solving capabilities,” says the study’s coauthor, J. David Creswell, Ph.D. His research, however, proves that erotic images appear to limit this stress-cortisol response.

...So, there you have it ladies. Another study leading you to believe men are absolute pigs. Sure, we like sex. But so do you, no? I mean, pornography would likely help women feeling stressed as well. Our bodies function the same, for the most part. I’d like to see how the study would differ had they selected women to read a chapter of 50 Shades of Grey, or watch an episode of True Blood. My guess is the results would be “shockingly” similar.

Ya learn yerself something new everyday.

Hat tip: BadBlue Fame.


TheFineReport.com said...

Enough with hip-challenged Kate Upton and her fake boobs.

Steve D said...

No, men are visual creatures to a far greater extent than women. That's a physiological fact, proved many times over; and not in question.

Number guy said...

"The study also found that 50 per cent of men performed better on the math portion of a stress test"

Err, how did the other 50% do?