Friday, July 19, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Violent Illegal Alien Criminals Secretly Released by ICE as Obama "Dreamers"

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Violent Foreign Criminals Released by ICE as Obama Dreamers: MB
Steve King Nails Grover on Immigration: Trevor Loudon
Rand Paul: I’ll do anything I can to help Mike Enzi defeat Liz Cheney: Hot Air

A White House point man at the IRS is revealed: Exam
Best Videos From IRS Hearing: Issa, Chaffetz, Gowdy: Nice Deb
Jason Chaffetz SLAMS Elijah Cummings at IRS hearing : TRS

How The Zimmerman Case Doesn’t Add Up: Robert Cleveland
DOJ: Hey, Email Us Tips Saying George Zimmerman Is a Racist: Wm. Teach
New Black Panthers Conspired to Violate 18 USC 245, Holder Snoozes: Adams


Obama’s Nominee for Secretary of Illegal Alien Labor: Michelle Malkin
Is There Nothing That Obama Can't Do?: SDA
Bernanke: “If We Were To Tighten Policy, Economy Would Tank”: SHTFplan

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Detroit Files Bankruptcy: HayRide
It Really Is an Approaching Train Wreck: Elephant
Purdue University – The latest victim of Obamacare: Leslie Eastman

Scandal Central

IRS Scandal (Malik Obama) reaching the White House: Walid Shoebat
Congressman: Obama Admin Forced Benghazi Survivors To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements: WS
Despite Pentagon claims, Marine colonel sought in Benghazi investigation not yet retired: Marine Corps Times

Climate & Energy

Grist: Everyone Should Stay Single Because It’s “Sustainable”: Pirate's Cove
Radical nut confirmed as head of EPA: Times
EPA renames headquarters after impeached, disbarred pervert and philanderer: Valerie Volcovici, Reuters


Ex-Gang Member To Sharpton And Jackson: I See Right Through You: HayRide
White people rioting!!: Minority Report
Mark Levin: At Least Jesse Jackson Didn't Call Florida 'Hymietown': Breitbart

Mark Levin: Greg Gutfeld is DEAD WRONG: Scoop
ACLU: Police Can Read, Track, And Store Your License Plate Number Wherever You Go: OTB
TRAIN WRECK: Rep. Bobby Rush tries to defend Trayvon Martin on Hannity: Scoop


Egyptian General: Hamas Smuggled Rockets to Muslim Brotherhood: John Rossomando
Obama Honors Trayvon Martin, Ignores Fort Hood Killed: IBD
Remnants of King David's palace unearthed southwest of Jerusalem : Hayom


Botcoin: Bitcoin Mining by Botnet: Krebs
Scientists Silence Extra Chromosome In Down Syndrome Cells: Slashdot
The First Smartwatch You Might Actually Want Is Designed For Kids: Gizmodo


Possibly The Best Soldier-Dog Reunion Video Ever: Tammy Bruce
George Zimmerman Neighborhood Security T-shirt: Sooper
Slavery in America: Michelle Malkin

Image: George Zimmerman Neighborhood Security T-shirt
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QOTD: "After my last visit to the shooting range, I am confident that if I am ever attacked by a blue man who stands motionless 25 yards away, I can defend myself." --Anonymous Commenter


Anonymous said...

The idea of "watching" in your neighborhood needs to be brought home in a practical manner to every property owning American - as it was in my rural hood last night. There was vehicle noise and parking with lights on and music around midnight at a closed gas mart across the way. Of course the ears perk up and you notice they are illuminating the neighbors front yard... and burglaries are on the rise here. Look, everybody has a responsibility to be aware of such things...., then you remind yourself about Zimmerman and ask if there is any reason for you to be involved. So what is your response? Call the cops for a parked car (?) and wait half an hour, or do you keep watching? When do you do anything (?) Never?
As this one worked out the wife turned on a yard light downstairs and the fellow put it in gear and drove off, but not before I spot lighted him with 1000 bad boy Surefire lumins to ID his vehicle.
But wait again, if he had turned up my driveway to teach me a lesson would I have provoked it?
Zimmerman did nothing wrong, but the racist climate in Washington is making it hard to embrace simple and correct choices.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, we are all George Zimmermans now.
George was the canary in the coal mine, and Barry the Pretender as well as Eric the Red have declared war on coal. Trampling personal liberties and State's rights? No problem - as long as they can keep us divided.
We are all George Zimmermans now.