Sunday, July 21, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Grasping for Dignity in the Era of the American Police State

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Grasping for Dignity in the Era of the American Police State: John Whitehead
Why Obama staged his Impromptu Presser on Trayvon in three images: DTG
Racial Profiling in the Heartland: Colin Flaherty

A message from the Senate Conservatives Fund: Protein Wisdom
Delaying Income Verification Under Obamacare Increases Fraud: PJM
Uh, oh: CA’s biggest insurer for small business leaves exchanges: Hot Air

Obama goes full race-baiter: Jim Treacher
ACLJ Says No to Obama Administration: RWN
A whole bunch of really depressing facts about Detroit: David Freddoso


Chicago Blues: Tenured Teachers Laid Off: Walter Russell Mead
CA Students Greet Napolitano Warmly...with Heated Protests: Leslie Eastman
PCC student sues, suspended for asking others to speak English: ADI

Scandal Central

Move over NSA, here comes the Obamacare Big Brother database: Rare
Calls for House Select Committee on Benghazi Growing: Shoebat
Dem Female: Party Told Me I Had to Support Filner or Face Blackball: Ace

The IRS scandal made it to the White House yesterday: John Hayward
A Camp Where Adults Dress Little Boys Up Like Little Girls, What Could Go Wrong?: Blur Brain
Nancy Pelosi’s (@nancypelosi) former colleague Bob Filner.: Moe Lane

Climate & Energy

Bummer: Satellite Records Still Not Following UN IPCC Prognostications: STACLU
Senator Barbara Boxer’s Own Experts Contradict Obama On Global Warming: M4GW
New EPA chief has an ambitious to-do list: Juliet Eilperin


Helen Thomas (HATER) 1930-2013: Why I'm Proud I "Took Her Down": The Lid
Charles Barkley Blames Media for Giving “Racists” a “Platform”: Don Irvine
Notorious, Hate-filled Anti-Semite Helen Thomas Dead at 92: Warner Todd Huston

In what alternate universe is the Trayvon Martin case a civil rights landmark?: LI
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson To Piers: Trayvon Was ‘Thug,’ Not ‘Innocent Little Kid': Mediaite
Getting out from under Obama’s bus before it’s too late: Judi McLeod

How Anthony Weiner Dropped 12 Points In the Polls In a Week: Philip Bump
Mark Levin: Obama has been FDR, Lincoln, Reagan and now Trayvon Martin: DC
Trayvon Martin's Mother At Rally: Zimmerman Started And Ended The Fight: Breitbart

WaPo reluctantly reports Terry McAuliffe’s bald-faced debate lie.: Moe Lane
Actor James Woods fires off unpleasant tweets to Obama: BizPacReview
The Zimmerman case is an excellent proof that the Left is deep-down racist: STACLU


Why is Al-Jazeera giving Money to Weiner?: Shoebat
Federal Judge Challenges Obama’s Assertion He Can Assassinate U.S. Citizens: WZ
The destruction of Barack Obama: Robert J. Burrowes, Pravda

NATO: Assad, Russia and Iran are prevailing in Syria: World Tribune
Did Kerry give Abbas written guarantee that talks will be based on '67 lines?: Israel Hayom
Obama Stirs Trayvon Pot to Distract from IRS, NSA, DOJ and Benghazi Scandals: Doug Giles


The Mind-Boggling Implications of a Bitcoin Economy: Robert Berry
China discovers primitive, 5,000-year-old writing: Didi Tang,
Another "Smart Car" Crash, Another Fatality: Commercial-News


Cartoon: President Trayvon and Uncle Sam: Sooper Mexican
If Obama were a Kardashian, Which Kardashian Would He Be?: MOTUS
Outrageous Rolling Stone Cover with Geraldo Topless Selfie: Sooper Mexican

Image: Lightning strikes a fence near the Fiesta hotel-casino in Henderson, Nevada as a thunderstorm makes its way through the Las Vegas Valley. Photo by Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus - Reuters
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QOTD: "Despite the best efforts of disgraceful Democrats on the House Oversight Committee to turn yesterday’s hearings into a circus, the adults in the room were indeed able to bring the [IRS] scandal right up to the White House door.

I’m not kidding about the national disgrace of buffoons like Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), the ranking Democrat. They’re like small children running through the committee room, banging pots together and screaming nonsense to keep anyone from noticing that a Barack Obama political appointee just got linked into the criminal conspiracy at the IRS. And now they’re childishly trying to stir up a racial scandal over exasperated House Oversight chairman Darrell Issa comparing Cummings to a “little boy whose hand has been caught in a cookie jar.”" --John Hayward


Anonymous said...

When law enforcement begins to be about domination and control it is because they fear people who know their rights.
In the final analysis any Copper or Agent is simply an experienced ticket writer. Know your rights, insist on them, then deal with infringement in Court. Anything they do will be used against them.

Anonymous said...

And who is going to run the American Police State?
The ObamaStasi, that’s who.