Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: It's Real: GOP Majority in '14

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It's Real: GOP Majority in '14 : Minority Report
Eric Holder: You Want A Discussion, Eh?: Karl Denninger
7 Key Questions and Answers Explain Zimmerman Verdict: John Hawkins

MLK Jr. Niece Dr. Alveda King Says NAACP is "Race-Baiting": FreeLight
Polling Shows That Sources Of Racism Are Now Reversed: Sowell
Mark Levin suggests States call an Article Five Amendment Convention: AT

LAPD declares citywide tactical alert; protesters storm Walmart: Twitchy
"For Trayvon": Gang of Black Men Chase, Beat Hispanic in Baltimore: Tatler
I Don’t Care What the Question is, the Answer is Gun control.: MOTUS


Big Labor Writes Strongly-Worded Memo to Protest ObamaCare: Tatler
Black Group Rallies Against Immigration Bill: Emily Stanton
ObamaCare Costs 58,000 Californians Their Health Insurance: NewAm

Americans March for Jobs: RWN
Treasury: Debt Has Been Exactly $16,699,396,000,000 for 56 Days: CNS
Make It Go Faster: American Digest

Scandal Central

Blacks yell ‘This is for Trayvon’ beat up Hispanic in Baltimore: FAM
Angela Corey describes Zimmerman as ‘murderer’, Martin as his ‘prey’: Scoop
Mississippi White Male Beaten Kidnapped, Beaten by Blacks over Trayvon: Sooper


Ballad of a Marked Man: Jim Goad, Taki's Magazine
Pro-Thug Blogger: “Don’t Bother Me With Facts!” : Rottweiler
Trayvon and the "Skittles": Protein Wisdom

“With little media notice, Obama’s poll numbers sink”: Protein Wisdom
The Obama Doctrine of Control Through Dissension: AT
Zogby Poll: Blacks, Hispanics, Youth Abandoning Obama: NewsMax

Juror: 5 of 6 believed it was Zimmerman screaming for help (Rachel Jeantel inverview added): LI
Trayvon Martin’s Family Attorney – “I’m a Social Engineer” : GWP
The chickens are beginning to come home to roost: MSNBC can’t fire Al Sharpton: RS

WHOA! Greta Van Susteren Schools Trayvon Martin Family Attorney: Glob
Can Anyone Verify These Disturbing Allegations About Trayvon’s Family?: R.S. McCain
The Left's Pathetic Temper Tantrum Over the #Zimmerman Verdict: American Power


Republicans push missile defense spending after failed tests: DC
Political Atom Bomb Explodes in Spain; Prime Minister Refuses to Step Down: Mish
South Korea blames North Korea for cyberattack: AP


FISA court asks government to declassify secret order in Yahoo case: PC World
Crypto-Gram Newsletter: Schneier
After a Year At Yahoo, Mayer Still Sprinting to Catch Up: CIO


Legendary warrior exemplifies what it means to be a Marine: Marine Times
“Conrad the Constitution, episode 2?: Protein Wisdom
A Fight Broke Out Behind ESPN's Home Run Derby Set: Deadspin

Image: LAPD declares citywide tactical alert; Zimmerman protesters storm Walmart
Sponsored by: Contact your Senator now to tell Harry Reid Don’t Nuke The Senate.

QOTD: "Via Hot Air, we learn that the Teamsters and UNITE-HERE are finding out what’s in ObamaCare after they marched out their shock troops to make sure that it got passed. They’re finding out that the predictions about ObamaCare’s sharknado-like effects on the economy were all true. So they’ve written a strongly worded letter...

... Some of us predicted these effects long before ObamaCare became law. The Tea Party rose up to stop ObamaCare, only to have Big Labor’s thugs turn out to provide the Democrats’ muscle in making sure that it passed.

Now they have thugs’ remorse. Color me unimpressed with their letter-writing skills.

If Big Labor really wants this devastating law repealed, they have 2014 and a choice: They can stick with the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Democrats, or they can help elect Republicans and Democrats who credibly promise to repeal the law. Their actions will say volumes more than one angry letter can ever say." --Bryan Preston


Anonymous said...

The black cause in America has become passé, black people are becoming irrelevant. They had their chance to spin up into American culture and were given numerous incentives, they chose instead to remain slaves, malcontents and victims.
Their behavior is tribal, their time has past. Lock up the lawbreakers and force the rest to assimilate. They should be ashamed of embracing perpetual childhood.

Anonymous said...

Well, Akon agrees with you: