Monday, July 15, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Reid May Nuke Senate Rules to Protect Union Bosses

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Reid May Nuke Senate Rules to Protect Union Bosses: RS
Cruz tries to defund Obamacare, slams president for playing 2014 politics: DC
Trayvon Martin Protesters Shut Down LA Freeway, Throwing Bottles: WZ

Looking for Racism in America: Daniel Greenfield
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Mark Levin, Article V, and the “Liberty Amendments”: David Leeper

Did Miami Crime Cover-Up Policy Lead to Trayvon’s Death?: R.S. McCain
"Dead or Alive": Sharpton's Rally With Black Panthers: Nice Deb
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20 Of Trayvon Martin’s Tweets That Stand Out (Language Warning): RWN
Thanks to the jury. You’ve restored a modicum of faith in the rule of law: PW
This Generation’s Real-Life Bonfire Of The Vanities: HayRide


Nothing Doing: Cold Fury
Obamacare Exchange Contractor Target of Major Fraud Investigation: Foundry
Georgetown Student Calls for Death of All Republicans: MB

Scandal Central

A Nation of George Zimmermans Awakened – Understanding The Fraud: Conservative Treehouse
NAACP in talks with Justice Department about pursuing Trayvon Martin case: Steve Contorno
Army apologizes for helicopters that 'terrorized' Port Angeles: PDN

Alan Dershowitz vs. Angela Corey over misleading Affidavit of Probable Cause: LI
Facebook Gives Thumbs Up to "Kill Zimmerman" Page: Jawa
U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News To Americans: John Hudson

Climate & Energy

Coal, electricity, EPA and your wallet: Frank Goad, Lane Report
How Good Are Met Office Predictions? (Now Includes at Least May Data): WUWT
Chevy Volt Owners See Red, Head for Fiery Crash: John Ransom


Evidence: Video fail not the first time @ABC, MSM have shown #Trayvon case bias: Sister Toldjah
AP "Reporter" Tweets 'So We Can All Kill Teenagers Now' After Zimmerman Verdict: Publius
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Zimmerman Acquitted, Media Guilty: NB
Robert Zimmerman takes on Piers Morgan after not guilty verdict announced: Scoop
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This Is What a REAL Hero Looks Like: Jason Howerton
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Of course: US requests Morsy's release: Matzav
Sweden: Luxury lifestyles of the welfare-dependent Muslim immigrants: BNI
Sixty-Six Years Ago: The Exodus, Israel's First Ship of State, Landed In Haifa: Lid

How About Amnesty for All Those Hezbollah Terrorists in ... Mexico?: Jawa
Full Scale Jihad Is The Goal Behind Rioting Over Zimmerman Verdict: Dean Garrison
No Reports of Jewish Riots After Grossly Antisemitic Show Begins Airing on Arab TV: Algemeiner

So who’s blockading Gaza now?: Nick Gray, Commentator
Photos: Morsi supporters gather in Cairo: Pislamonausea
Lee Rigby is laid to rest ... a very brief comment ...: Winter Soldier


An e-mail loophole Congress needs to close: WaPo
A Brief History of the Roller Coaster: PopMech
Blood Drive Protests FDA Ban on Gay Donors: ABC


Al Qaeda plot to bring down airliner just weeks before the TWA 800 crash – and the FBI were told: Daily Mail
A Rotating Bus Turntable Lurks Beneath A Grimy Times Square Hotel: Jalopnik
Awesome: George Zimmerman to resume lawsuit against NBC for deceptive editing: Twitchy

Image: This Is What a REAL Hero Looks Like
Sponsored by: Contact your Senator now to tell Harry Reid Don’t Nuke The Senate.

QOTD: "People rarely focus on the real issues -- in government or elsewhere -- because if you do then you're forced to deal with the ugly reality of what you're promulgating and why. The race pimps are all ignoring the fact that Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman and beating him when he was shot. That's what the evidence shows. The entirety of the case prior to the point where Martin threw a punch is immaterial. You do not have the right to physically attack someone because they're walking in a place where they have a right to be as they live there, even if you're being "followed." You do not have the right to respond to someone asking you a question by decking them. The factual timeline of events placed Martin with four minutes after he broke off contact with Zimmerman to contemplate not being "respected" and then to return to the apartment where he was staying, a walk of some 50yds that would require less than one minute. Instead he decided to double back and physically assault Zimmerman.

But the evidence doesn't just show an assault, it showed that Martin deliberately mounted Zimmerman, cutting off his ability to escape the confrontation and continued beating him. The physical evidence showed lacerations on Martin's knuckles consistent with the repeated striking of Zimmerman with his fists and no lacerations on Zimmerman's hands. In other words, Zimmerman didn't strike Martin with any material amount of force and in fact he probably didn't hit him at all.

We all have a right to life but you do not have a right to place anyone else in reasonable fear that you are about to take their life or do them great bodily harm. When you mount someone in a fight who has fallen and continue beating them you have crossed the line between a fight and an act of aggression that reasonably leaves the person you have mounted believing you intend to seriously injure or kill them. That's the standard for the use of deadly force in lawful self-defense and that standard is exactly where it should be." --Karl Denninger

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That is a stunning piece by Karl Denninger. He is right.
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