Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ted Cruz Introduces a 2-Page Bill to Completely Obliterate the Obamacare Train Wreck

Ted Cruz, as a freshman Senator from Texas, is doing more to fight for liberty than John Boehner and Eric Cantor (who happen to be in the majority) combined.

On Thursday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced legislation in the Senate that would completely defund the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. He wasn’t alone in proposing the legislation either. The bill has 19 co-sponsors, all Republicans, including RINOs.

Amazingly simple, the Defund Obamacare Act of 2013 is only 2 pages.

...All 45 Republican Senators called for a permanent delay of Obamacare earlier this week in a letter to Barack Obama.

Cruz added, “The Administration’s selective enforcement of Obamacare’s implementation is no indication that the law is going away. To the contrary, it demonstrates the President’s unyielding determination to force the unworkable law on the American people.”

...Senator Cruz then put in perspective just how the IRS can no longer be trusted not only in the job they have been assigned with, but also the implementation of Obamacare. “Moreover, in light of the admitted misconduct of the IRS – targeting those whose political views differed from the President’s – we cannot trust the IRS to implement Obamacare. The American people cannot trust the IRS to create and enforce the largest federal database in history, containing the intimate details of our personal healthcare matters. And we cannot just wait for this law to implode under its own weight. The clock is ticking, and the time to act is now – Obamacare full implementation is set for January 1, 2014, but the enrollment for new entitlements starts on October 1, 2013.”

Democrat or Republican, call your Senators now and demand that they support the Defund Obamacare Act of 2013.

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