Thursday, July 18, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Judicial Terrorism

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Judicial Terrorism: Koch's Tour
Totalitarianism and the Zimmerman aftermath: John Hayward
Eric Holder’s Stand Your Ground Squirrel: Michelle Malkin

This Could Be The Worst Thing The Obama Regime Has Done: HayRide
Random Thoughts: Cold Fury
Feds want Zimmerman, any way they can get him: LI

The 15 Most Annoying Things About American Culture: John Hawkins
Levin: If Zimmerman is attacked, we know who has blood on their hands: TRS
Rachel Jeantel: "Travyon Hit First": RCP


Stop the Jarrett Tax: Betsy McCaughey
Weaponizing the IRS: MagNote
Expect What the Economists Don't: Mish

Repeal the Mandate Tax: Phil Kerpen
Treasury Official Won't Answer Questions About Obamacare Delay: Breitbart
How the Black Community Could Honor Trayvon Martin: AWD

Scandal Central

Issa Has Info Linking IRS Scandal to White House!: CommonCts
Grassley to Holder: Why is Your Department Hiding New Fast and Furious Murders?: Katie Pavlich
Bombshell: IRS Chief Counsel Was Involved in Targeting Tea Party Groups: Tatler


Zimmerman - The Joy of Hopelessness: Fred on Everything
Slam! Iowahawk blasts Holder, soulless race-baiters; Makes key and devastating point: Twitchy
Feds Targeted Tax Records of Political Candidates; All Three Networks Ignore: NB

10 Facts the Media Aren't Telling You About the Zimmerman Case: John Nolte
Mark Levin and the Liberty Amendments, July 16, 2013: David Leeper
Valerie Plame is now “Fair Game”: IP2P

Next Month’s Rolling Stone Cover: iOTW
Media Ignores Children Slain in Chicago During Course of Zimmerman Trial: AWR Hawkins
Larry Elder schools snotty Brit Piers Morgan: FAM

‘This Town’ Needs an Enema: Erick Erickson
Just Another Law-Abiding Citizen of Beautiful Downtown Realville: R.S. McCain
Black mob violence against a Marine: WGBAL


Obama UN Nominee Samantha Power Makes Deceptive Noises On Israel In Confirmation Hearings: Joshua
Imam calls for US and Europe’s destruction from Temple Mount pulpit: Times of Israel
Michael Hastings Cremated Immediately Without Family Consent: RedFlag


Wearable Computers Create New Security Vulnerabilities: Christina Bonnington
Anatomy of another Android hole - Chinese researchers claim new code verification bypass: Sophos
Warm up your wrist: 5M smartwatch shipments expected in 2014: Kevin C. Tofel, GigaOm


Conrad the Constitution Episode V - Lois Lerner Audits the Constitution: Fox Bros. Studios
We B Lyin’: A continuing series: MOTUS
Help Defeat Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS): MenRec

Image: Meet our new Labor Secretary
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QOTD: "We’re getting ever closer to discovering that the White House through its counsel’s office was involved in, and probably directing, the abuse of citizens who were organizing to speak out against the Obama agenda. Catherine Engelbrecht’s case indicates that the IRS abuse is just one line of attack; the Obama government unleashed the full alphabet soup on her after she founded True the Vote.

That’s part of why Eric Holder has been unleashed on George Zimmerman. The right hand is hammering an innocent man while the left hand tries to wave Obama’s most dangerous scandal away. They’ll risk civil unrest to keep this particular scandal off the front pages." --Bryan Preston

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