Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Special Operations group unrolls 60-foot Benghazi petition in front of Capitol

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Special Ops group unrolls 60-foot Benghazi petition in front of Capitol: BPR
“The blood of American patriots cries out!”: Scoop
Sen. Ted Cruz: America Stands “at the Edge of a Precipice”: FreeLight

Will Senate Republicans Surrender the Fight?: Erick Erickson
Buckeye mutiny seeks to return Boehner to private life : CFP
Remember when Obama Supported ‘Stand Your Ground’?: Instapundit

Why Are Republicans Bent on Pushing Amnesty Now?: Daniel Horowitz
Nancy Pelosi, Creep Enabler: Michelle Malkin
Pelosi: We might force a House vote on Senate immigration bill: Hot Air


The Truth About Detroit (And The Rest Of The Public Sector): Karl Denninger
HUD Announces Plans to Ghettoize Entire USA: MB
Why Liberals Won’t Face Facts on Detroit: Jonathan S. Tobin

Even Democrats are giving up on ObamaCare: Dan Spencer, RS
Stalled Motor City: John Stossel
Shutdown looms over ObamaCare: Alexander Bolton

Scandal Central

Totally wired: McAuliffe went to Napolitano to expedite company funding : Watch-dog
SEC Revolving Door Leads To $5 Million Payday For Former Chief Enforcer: ZH
Jeffrey Zients is out of the country: DC

Weiner's Sexting Partner, Sydney Elaine Leathers Was an Obama Operative: Lid
Records of Christine O’Donnell tax snooping disappear: Seth McLaughlin
Rep. Frank Wolf blasts Gen. Ham for speaking about Benghazi at paid dinner but not to Americans: Scoop

Climate & Energy

Remember all the Green Jobs in our New Green Economy?: Steve Maley
Energy Department nominee struggled with financial management at NASA: Phillip Swarts


Anthony Weiner in bed with ….Politico?: DaTechGuy
New York Times calls for Anthony Weiner to quit mayoral race: Stephen Kruiser
CNN Panel: Electing Weiner Would Make NYC 'Punchline': Breitbart

Lying the in the Age of Obama: Victor Davis Hanson
Family saved by Zimmerman are terrified they’ll be attacked by unhinged Trayvon cultists: Bob Owens
Anthony Weiner is probs creepier than you thought, writes his own 50 Shades of Grey : NakedDC

The Real Helen Thomas: Jonah Goldberg
Nets Give Pro-Abortion Wendy Davis 3 Times Coverage of Entire Gosnell Trial : MRC
Profiling: Walter Williams


The Graffiti on the Wall: Mark Steyn
Outrage over $300K salary paid to Fort Hood jihad mass murderer spurs legislation: JihadWatch
Russia’s American PR blitz: Rachel Marsden


Billionaire Elon Musk Unveiling Mysterious 'Hyperloop' Transport System Next Month: Space
Great Products Focus On A Motif: Smashing
Visualization Helps Attackers Spot Chinks In Software's Armor: Robert Lemos, Dark Reading


Profiling the Prince: MOTUS
I Dare All Bloggers to Embed the Following: iOTW
Photos merge New York City and Grand Canyon in work by Swiss artist Gus Petro: Michael Walsh

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QOTD: "Four years later, it’s still not clear what all the cash for [Obama's] green jobs [programs] achieved–and a Government Accountability Office report issued last week illustrates the difficulty of trying to foster an emerging industry by pumping money into it." --Washington Post


Anonymous said...

Doug, Patterico has a timeline up of Weiner's lies. It would fit nicely at the top right of your home page.


Anonymous said...

Please, leave Weiner alone.
Democrats led the way when Bill Clinton was in a tight clench reminding us that "this is only about sex". Well, nothing has changed, why are they abandoning principles and giving Weiner the rub? His wife stands by her man, he has been a good politician and hey, everybody has their peccadillos, (Bill even talked with Senators while being serviced).
If the Democrats are allowed to make up standards as they go why can't we?