Monday, July 29, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's Death and Taxes Economy

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Obama's Death and Taxes Economy: Sultan Knish
Obama on unilateral action: Lawyers? I don’t need lawyers: Byron York
Yes, the RNC really DID support federal oversight of state elections: Adams

Why won’t Republicans defund Obamacare?: Conn Carroll
Justice Rips Off the Blindfold: Diana West
Yet another attack in revenge of Trayvon Martin's death, this time in DC: Lott


What’s ‘Phony’ Is Obama’s Economy: Tom Blumer
Detroit in 1965 and the divisive rhetoric that poisoned its economic future: LI
80% Of US Adults Are Near Poverty, On Welfare, Or Unemployed: ZH

Thousands quitting public sector unions in Wisconsin: Steve Gunn, EAG
Chicago Next? City Cash Plummets To Only $33 Million As Debt Triples: ZH
Chicago Public Schools Downgraded Again: Ted Dabrowski

Bye, Bye Middle Class! Thanks, Obama!: LoneCon
ECB Expert: France Will Soon Need Help Selling Bonds: Mish
NC ends Tenure Pay Increases for Teachers: Breitbart

Scandal Central

Benghazi hero provides gripping details for first time: Michael Dorstewitz
Meet Glen Doherty, Hero, Killed In Benghazi. His Death Is Not A “Phony Scandal”, It Is A Crime: WZ
In story about Obama administration going after journalism, NYT names Bush but not Obama: Instapundit

Climate & Energy

99% “Environmentalists” watch fossil fuel protest on the Columbia from yachts: Victory Girls
New Climate Deniers Blame Snow On, Yup, Global Warming: RWN
Internal EPA report highlights disputes over fracking and well water: LAT


Will: If Weiner and Filner Were Republicans Media Would Tie Them to GOP War on Women: Noel Sheppard
Report: Limbaugh, Hannity might not renew with Cumulus; Eric Boehlert pretty excited about it: Twitchy
Alinsky smiling up at Obama over "phony scandals" line: Shoebat

Can Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson be Sued for “Inciting Hatred?”: Hideout
Al Jazeera Causes Scene at Pro-Christian Conference: RWN
Most Influential Blog Awards – Rules And Nominations: LoneCon


Islam’s violent present: Robert Fulford
Reports: Israel attacked another weapons convoy in Syria: Israel Hayom
The Obama's Wahhabist [PDF]: Shoebat


Dell’s Cloud-Friendly Project Ophelia Inches Closer To Release As Testers Receive Early Units: TechCrunch
First Take: Will ad giant take on tech titans?: USA Today
Working conditions at Apple manufacturing partner Pegatron come under fire: 9to5Mac


Barack Can’t Do it Alone: It Takes a Whole Village of Morons: MOTUS
Medal of Honor winner Bud Day, McCain's cellmate, dies: USA Today
Microbrew Journalism: Fred on Everything

Image: Medal of Honor winner Bud Day, McCain's cellmate, dies
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QOTD: "Peruvia - Hidden high in sparking snow of the Bavarian Alps, this vibrant and diverse country is famed for making goose sausage, torch-skiing at night, and baffling simpletons on MSNBC.

Peruvia, you should know, is not the sort of country you want to visit; their national flag is just a cellphone picture of five drunken Peruvian thugs beating the sh** out of a lost and terrified Belgian motorist. Their national motto is "Learn to Read a Map, Pierre."

The mountain Peruvia sits atop is now called "The Peaceful Alp," because they raided the mountain that was originally called "The Peaceful Alp," murdered them all, and stole their sign." --Ace o' Spades

1 comment:

Barry Popik said...

We must bring back our negative link, for today's "Worst Story in the World," once again from Business Insider:

21 Charts That Show The Economy Has Dramatically Improved, And That There's A Lot More Happening Than Just The Fed
Matthew Boesler

Recovery summer, people! Enjoy all those glorious part-time jobs! Uh, BI, if the economy is doing so great, why is the labor participation force dropping and why is the GDP number so bad?

If the economy is doing so wonderful, why are cities like Detroit declaring bankruptcy?

One comment responded to another comment about a taper:

"To answer your question: the market tanks and reality sets in. It is really unfortunate that BI continuously deludes the sheeple with false claims of recovery. Those of us who are NOT obedient debt slaves understand this; BI should be ashamed for its outright propaganda and disinformation."

Just head on over to Michael Snyder's The Economic Collapse blog, and read stories like "40 Stats That Prove The U.S. Economy Has Already Been Collapsing Over The Past Decade."

For Obama propaganda even more egregious than MSNBC, today's Business Insider wins "The Worst Link in the World."