Friday, July 26, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Regime’s “Phony Scandal” Narrative Slammed

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Regime’s “Phony Scandal” Narrative Slammed: Nice Deb
Boehner: the worst possible Speaker at the worst possible time: Kuznicki
Boehner Won't Promise to Defund Obamacare Through CR Bill: CNS

Holder to sue another state, for post-partisanship and post-racialism: PW
Obama: Ho Chi Minh Was Inspired by Our Founders: Bridget Johnson
College Republicans Denied Admittance to Obama Speech: Nathan Harden

Details: Badly Wounded Hero Who Fought in Benghazi: Jason Howerton
Poll Indicates Republicans Could Lose Big in 2014 : Outcast
Rahm Lashes Out at Guardian Angels: SCC


The 3 Biggest Lies from Obama's Big Economic Speech : Foundry
Detroit: The Triumph of Math Over Unions: Mish
Detroit city council ‘bankrupt’ Twitter feed sparks hilarity: Twitchy

Obama Hiring Left Wing Activists as $48/hr. Obamacare 'Navigators': iOTW
Good and Hard: Ed Driscoll
Barack Obama flops in Knox: Nile Gardiner

Scandal Central

True the Vote responds to Holder’s attack on Texas voter rights: Rare
Holder Announces Nationwide Attack on Election Integrity: J. Christian Adams
Justice Department Accused of Illegally Withholding Info on Secret Cellphone Surveillance Tool : MainJustice

Newest Obama Admin. Scandal: His DHS Nominee Under Investigation For Visa Fraud: RWN
Mother of slain Benghazi victim Sean Smith: ‘My son is dead. How could that be phony?’: Jeff Poor, DC
Hmm: How Did Huma Manage to Rake in $360K as a ‘Consultant’ While Still on Hillary’s Payroll?: JWF

Climate & Energy

Warmists: Global Warming Is Just Around The Corner, We Promise : Pirate's Cove
And Now For Something Really Scary: Elephant
NCDC Changing Temperature Data Values: Pirate's Cove


Wonkblog: Obamacare Will Raise Premiums…a Lot: Mead
Man Who Once Said No One Took the IRS Targeting Scandal More Seriously, Now Claims It's "Phony": Ace
Author Brad Thor: My Contacts Tell Me Government Is Recording and Storing ALL Phone Calls: GWP

Ya don’t say: Obama says reporters tell him his ideas are great: Malkin
The Economy Is Poised To Come Roaring Back Into The Oceans of Tomorrow: Ace
Unhinged Chris Matthews on Conservative Opposition to Obama: 'Hate,' 'Hate,' 'Hate,' 'Hate': Scott Whitlock

Fourth Accuser Steps Forward Against Filner; And a Fifth, And a Sixth, And a Seventh: Ace
Question Asked and Answered: Ed Driscoll
At Ramadan dinner, President Obama lauds Muslim contribution to American character: Twitchy

How Not to Correct the Record: Instapundit
Anti-Hillary Clinton group releases chilling first video: BPR
“Empty”: Eliot Spitzer’s Creepy New Ad: Seth Mandel


Britain's Single-Payer Horror Show: Report Details NHS Body Count: PJM
The Huma Unmentionables: Andrew C. McCarthy
Britain gets out of the EU unless Europhiles can answer this new study: Commentator

Why does Huma Abedin stay? Because the Muslim Brotherhood needs her to stay: WyBlog
Hornady Suspends Production of 150 Ammo Types and 150 Bullet Types for Balance of 2013: AccurateShooter
‘Open Hater of Jews’: Pig Balloon at Roger Waters Concert Features Star of David: Algemeiner


Five hackers indicted for largest known financial data breach in US history: Nicole Lee, Engadget
These Dumb Insurance Claims For Lost Cell Phones are Hilarious: James Condliffe, Gizmodo
Casey Chan, Gizmodo:


Today Detroit, Tomorrow,,, (Cartoon): A.F. Branco
Carlos Danger merchandise hits the internet: RedAlert
The Pixel Painter: Josh Bogdan

Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Support the Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Attorney General Holder’s recent announcement is just the latest example of his politicization of the Department of Justice. Holder’s refusal to accept the judgment of the U.S. Supreme Court regarding preclearance continues the Department’s longstanding pattern of refusing to follow the law.

Likewise, Holder continues to attack voter ID laws, even though the Supreme Court has concluded that voter ID laws are supported by multiple interests that are “unquestionably relevant to the State’s interest in protecting the integrity and reliability of the electoral process.”" --Sen. Ted Cruz

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