Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: IRS chief counsel met with Obama 2 days before targeting criteria changed

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IRS chief counsel met with Obama 2 days before targeting criteria changed: DC
A Detailed List of Curious Coincidences in President Obama’s Life: Steve Foley
Busted: Racist At Pro-Zimmerman Rally Is Left-Wing Activist: Nice Deb

Primaries Bring Fresh Air to Foul Odor of GOP Establishment: RS
Coleman Young: the Communist Who Destroyed Detroit: Trevor Loudon
Sebelius Calls Obamacare Opponents Racists: WZ

Obama Gives Senate One Day to Vet NLRB Nominees: Bill McMorris
Illinois U.S. Attorney’s Office caught lying?: IP2P
If You Love Freedom Then You Are a Mentally Ill Terrorist: Jim O'Neill


Border Patrol Demands House GOP Abandon 'Amnesty Dreams': Breitbart
Detroit and the Bankruptcy of Liberalism: Rich Tucker, Foundry
Race-Baiting Obama Resumes Laser-Like Focus on Economy: JWF

Thanks to EBT cards, U.S. welfare transforms into international stimulus plan: LI
GOP calls for curb of welfare abuse: buy food and then send it abroad : Post
The Frozen City: Howard Husock

Levin on HUD ‘fair housing’ program: Tyranny is here: Scoop
Thousands of employees are quitting public sector unions in Wisconsin: EAG
74% of small businesses will fire workers, cut hours under Obamacare: Paul Bedard

Scandal Central

IRS Scandal Originated at Highest Levels in Washington: Ian Huyett, FW
Congressman Says Hillary Perjured Herself, Calls for Special Prosecutor of Benghazi Cover-Up: TPNN
Homeland Security Acting IG Put Wife on Payroll, Took Private Trips on Public Dime : JWF

Climate & Energy

Who’s up for mapping ‘diversity data’ in every U.S. neighborhood?: Doug Powers


O'Reilly Goes Nuclear: 'African American Leadership Needs to Stop This Nonsense': FNI
Communists + Black Panthers + Trayvon Race Baiting = Hilarity: Blur Brain
Trayvon Martin 'Fight Club' Video Scrubbed From YouTube : FW

Ted Cruz puts liberal-biased interviewer in his place : BizPac
Obama’s li’l punishment: WH celebrates Royal Baby birth with stunning hypocrisy: Twitchy
Dennis Miller blasts tampon-donning Melissa Harris-Perry as only he can: Twitchy

MSNBC’s Dyson onto something in blaming racism for Detroit’s decline: Howard Portnoy, Liberty Unyielding
We're Getting into Some Strange Territory Here: Elephant
Ted Cruz’s father tells his son: “God has destined you for greatness”: Scoop

White businessman SAVAGELY beaten by gang of black teens; MSM ZZZzzzzzzzzzz: Scoop
Metrosexuality: The New Masculinity?: RWN
7 liberal reactions to the birth of the royal baby: Looking Spoon


Hundreds of inmates escape Abu Ghraib in violent prison break: Daniel Strauss
Tip for the Gals: Don't Get Raped in an Islamic State: Daily Mail
Germany upset with Nazi-themed Indonesian cafe with Hitler pics, swastikas, and waiters in SS uniforms: Post


A Horrible Windows 8 Experience: ChannelNomics
Some SIM cards can be hacked 'in about two minutes' with a pair of text messages : Engadget
Android MasterKey found buried in kiddie cake game on Google Play - report: John Leyden, The Register


A Detailed List of Curious Coincidences in President Obama’s Life : Minority Report
61 tons of silver pulled from shipwreck: Paul Toscano, CNBC
Shock & Awe: William Logan

Image: Germany upset with Nazi-themed Indonesian cafe with Hitler pics, swastikas, and waiters in SS uniforms
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QOTD: "Sally [Kohn], Detroit is not really an example of the failure of GOP economic policy. It’s been run by the Democrats for 60 years, and you can cite all the studies about how bad austerity is, all you have to do is look at Detroit and you get an idea of how bad the absence of austerity is, it’s a city in ruin...

...I think that the reason that the administration is hesitant to even talk about a bailout is that it understands that Detroit is a precedent. The minute you step into a bailout in Detroit, you’re going to get every city in the country lining up with a tin cup. And that’s why even this administration, even this administration is going to hold back from doing this." --Charles Krauthammer

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