Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Is This Still America?

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Is This Still America?: Thomas Sowell
Oh I wouldn't sweat it, Holder: Ace
Scrap Delusional Immigration Bill and Start Over: Ramesh Ponnuru

Mark Levin: tthe left is dividing this nation with racism: Scoop
Juror B37 Gets a Lesson in Race Incitement: Jonathan Tobin
Eric Holder: You have a duty to retreat: WyBlog

Republicans Surrender: Erick Erickson
There Are No Indispensable Men: Erick Erickson
Deal Defuses ‘Nuclear Option’ in Senate: Roll Call


IRS gave $14 billion in refundable tax credits to illegals: Rare
DC March for Jobs: Dave Blount

GOP Filibuster ‘Compromise’ Keeps NLRB Firmly Under Union Control: RS
Things That Make You Go Hmmm... Like Gold: ZH
Nancy Pelosi's Husband: A deadbeat boss, sued for backpay.: Instapundit

Scandal Central

Feds admit improper scrutiny of candidate, donor tax records: Times
DOJ Sets Up Zimmerman Snitch Hotline: JWF
Top Bachmann aide arrested in connection with thefts in Rayburn House Office Building: Fox

Climate & Energy

If storms are worse now, why did they need a sea wall 150 years ago?: WUWT
EPA headquarters to be renamed after Bill Clinton: RedAlert
Why Don't Farmers Believe in Climate Change?: David Biello


Trayvon the Gay-Basher?: Gay Patriot
America’s Ongoing Kristallnacht: MB
George Zimmerman: Angela Corey’s Racial Peace Offering: RS

Familiarize Yourself With The Marissa Alexander Case Before The Media Misinforms You: Ace
Idiot Leftists Define Race Riots Down: American Power
"“Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom.": Trevor Loudon

Race Industry Leeches: Bruce Thornton
Zimmerman’s lawyers: He might seek “compensation” from the prosecution: Hot Air
Five cases of black on white crime people want on national TV: WGBAL

World Israpundit
Panama: North Korean ship with Cuban ‘military cargo’: Fausta
The Hijab Covering American Islam’s Notion of Peace: Shark Tank


Advice to a New Programmer: Andew Binstock, Dr. Dobb's
Will students fork over $60K for UC Berkeley’s new online master’s degree in data science?: Ki Mae Heussner
Gaston J. Glock Releases New Extreme Performance Shooting Shirt for Competitive Shooters: AmmoLand


Racial Justice: Dance With The Won Who Brung Ya’: MOTUS
Top 10 Al Sharptonisms!: P&F
Spots and Plans: Zilla

Image: Racial Justice: Dance With The Won Who Brung Ya’
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QOTD: "Yes, Trayvon Martin shooting was a tragedy which the usual suspect race baiters and progressive media are using for political gain. Where is the outrage for the recent killings in Chicago of a 6-month-old black baby, 16-year-old black honor student, or 17-year-old black teenager who refused to join a gang? The focus is on the symptoms which promote political gain, not the disease which now afflicts the black community. And I am tired of white liberals invoking the heinous memory of lynchings." --Allen West


Anonymous said...

Dear Honorable Eric Holder;
I am responding to your request for tips concerning the churro eating George Zimmerman.
Please be advised that Zimmerman has been purchasing AK's illegally from licensed gun dealers and sending these guns to Mexico. He has lied under oath and forments a conspiracy to subvert the Constitution. He has abused the court system, mis-interpreted the Law and lied to Congress.
Please investigate him for these and all his other crimes.
Mr. For Que Tu Budy

angrymike said...