Saturday, July 13, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: If Violence Follows Zimmerman Verdict, are Eric Holder and Barack Obama to Blame?

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If Violence Follows Zimmerman Verdict, is Administration to Blame?: Tatler
What’s In Eric Holder’s Wallet? His Real Race Card: Adams
Guys won’t have sex anymore if abortion laws pass. Or something: NakedDC

Napolitano DHS ‘Defined by Consistent Disrespect for Rule of Law’: Stiles
The Perfect Place to Advertise Obamacare: Port-o-Crappers: Doug Powers
Rahm Emanuel: What Chicago Needs is More Gun Control: BizPac

TX Senate Passes Pro-Life Bill as Pro-Aborts Rage Inside Capitol: Blaze
My Sincere Apologies to the Kid Killing Caucus: Erickson
Obama Continues to Rabble Rouse After Texas Abortion Bill Passes: Tatler


Amnesty's price: $12,433 for every legalized immigrant household: Exam
Napolitano exactly the wrong choice to lead UC system: Greenhut
Another IRS Scandal Waiting to Happen: Kimberley Strassel

Scandal Central

Obama’s Alinskyite Administration: John Fund
Obama DOJ Employee Demanded Action Against George Zimmerman: RWN
Enough Already! Holder Must Go: Ledeen


Beckel: It’s time for Obama to comment on Zimmerman trial: Tom Tillison
Oregon’s epic #obamacare agitprop #fail.: Moe Lane
DHS’ Napolitano Leaves Legacy of Corruption, Lies, Lawsuits, and Waste: Bob Adelmann

NBC and CBS Ignore Dem Hypocrisy on Anti-Filibuster Nuclear Option: Kyle Drennen, MRC
NYT Reporter John Schwartz Mocks NB’s Sheppard About Son’s Wedding: Matthew Sheffield
Bogus "Tea party Leader" Everett “Dirksen” Wilkinson proves race hustlers come in all colors: BizPac

Satanic Media Ties McDonnell Millstone Around Ken Cuccinelli’s Republican Neck: R.S. McCain
New York Times Buries the Lead — Deliberately — on Egypt Story: R.S. McCain
Propaganda Through The Ages Has Been The Enemy Of Reason: IBD


Senators inept while questioning Nuland on Benghazi: Shoebat
Dangerous Times: When America Supports Evil: James Lewis
Britain: "Rape Jihad" Against Children: Soeren Kern

Nearly half of Senate votes to surrender sovereignty to progressivist global government: Protein Wisdom
Exposed: Final Conversation Between Morsi and Sisi: Ibrahim
Hezbollah’s suicide bombing tactics come back to haunt it: Times of Israel


Discovering Names Of Secret NSA Surveillance Programs Via LinkedIn: TechDirt
Should I ditch Android for Nokia's Lumia 1020?: CNet
So apparently, Edward Snowden uses security-focused email service Lavabit: Boing Boing


Salt of the Earth; or “Lie to Me” – A Continuing Series: MOTUS
All hyperbole is totally useless: Seth Godin
Just a reminder that this actually happened: Reddit

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QOTD: "This judge is an idiot. I spent five years investigating high profile capital cases defending people from the death penalty, and worked for the Federal judiciary as an independent investigator on other cases. No judge ever inquires as to whether a defendant will testify until the entire defense case is presented. If the defense rests and does not call the defendant then the judge knows there will be no testimony. If the defense calls the defendant then that’s when the judge finds out. They have to get through the entire case first. To see if it is valid after prosecution cross-examines their witnesses and experts as to whether a defendant SHOULD testify, which is decided in private not in public, and NOT on the record. By doing this, the judge has undermined a portion of Zimmerman’s credibility. He looks like he is waffling and this is normal judge/defendant questioning, which it is NOT." --Rivette

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