Saturday, July 06, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The Obamacare Big City Bailout

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The Obamacare Big City Bailout: Chris Jacobs, Foundry
Sunset in America: Baron Bodissey
Why do Democrats despise the Constitution?: Publius

Police Commandeer Home: Possible 3rd Amendment Violation: Mataconis
Tyranny in the Silver State: RWN
McCain, House GOP headed for clash on Amnesty: Molly K. Hooper

Obama’s Gun Violence Study Destroys His Argument: Tim Brown
Permits Soar to Allow More Concealed Guns: WSJ
Obama Skips Past Congress Again With Health Mandate Delay: Roll Call


Obamacare strikes: Part-Time Jobs Surge, Full-Time Jobs Plunge: ZH
Cheap Money Isn’t Monetary Policy: P&F
Medicare failed to collect back $543 million in overpayments: WG

California Jumps Off the Cliff Into Total Insanity: MB
MBS Clobbered, Treasury Yields Soar After "Good" Job Numbers: Mish
President Obama shopping for a new ride: BizPac

Scandal Central

Potentially explosive development in IRS scandals: Thomas Lifson
Victims furious FBI won’t investigate IRS targeting: Tom Tillison, BizPac
Reversing denial, State says Kerry was briefly on boat: Politico

Fast and Furious rifle used in murder of police chief: This Ain't Hell
Key commander to be questioned on Benghazi goes missing: Cheryl Carpenter Klimek, BizPac
Oopsie, Seems Like The Senator From MA May Have Avoided A Bundle In MA “Docking Taxes”: WZ

Climate & Energy

Obama: Electricity is absolutely crucial for industry and personal growth! : Protein Wisdom
Hopey Change Creates Record High Electricity Prices: Moonbattery
Brace for Blackouts: America's Power Grids at Risk Under Obama: Bloomberg


Leading Conservatives Call on Capital One to Fire Alec Baldwin : RWN
‘Bingo’: Iowahawk sums up the jobs report in one tweet about Taco Bell: Twitchy
Campbell Brown destroys Al Sharpton over union protections for sex offenders in schools: EAG


Dangerous Times: Obama's Arab Spring Logic: James Lewis, AT
Israel's reviled strategic wisdom: Caroline Glick
Copts under the Gun: Obama's Anti-Christian Allies: Raymond Ibrahim

8 Simple Rules Liberals Use For Arguments : Varight
Cairo newspaper sends personal message to Obama: Michael Dorstewitz, BizPac
Obama golfs, Kerry kayaks, Egypt implodes : BizPac


Microsoft offloads heap of critical fixes in 'ugly' Patch Tuesday: John Leyden, Register
Mobile Application Hacking Diary Part 1: PacketStorm
Facetune is a powerful portrait editor for iOS: Mel Martin, Tuaw


Hope n' Change Cartoons: Last Day for Free Patriotic Porn! : Hopenchange
Just Stole This From Bob Belvedere...: Reaganite
Right Where He Belongs: TCOTS

Image: Boston Herald
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QOTD: "[Obama's] regulatory agenda would not only cost West Virginians jobs, but it would deliver a severe blow to our nation’s economy and any hopes of becoming energy independent... Sadly, instead of moving our country forward like he once promised, the president has decided to turn the lights off in states like West Virginia." --Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV)


Anonymous said...

I am curious why RWN and others who are now calling attention to that TYRANNY!!1! in Nevada did not link to the relevant contemporary news article explaining that there was a indeed a barricade standoff in the house next door. I think that it is possible that state and local laws may suffice to establish the legality of asking a home owner to vacate the proximity of such a potentially volatile situation. "Housing troops" seems a bit of a stretch in this instance, although vacating your home without allowing the police in should absolutely be an option. We have often seen neighborhoods evacuated in SWAT actions, the only difference here is the refusal to comply and the invasion of the homes after owners were vacated (alleged, not established). The record shows that flash bang grenades were used to take down the suspect approx 3 hours after next-door-neighbor Mitchell's ordeal began.

Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you, Doug. It is always much appreciated.