Sunday, October 11, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: 5 Obama Scandals The Mainstream Press Is Ignoring

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5 Obama Scandals The Mainstream Press Is Ignoring: IBD
T R U S T: Sgt. Mom
California opens to the door to more voter fraud with new motor voter law: Jazz Shaw

Obama: GOP 'down on America'-Jeremiah Wright unavailable for comment: Malkin
Black Lives Matter – Except Biram Dah Ould Abeid’s: Stephen Brown
The Muslim Brotherhood's Strategic Plan For America - Court Document: Clarion

New emails between Clinton, Petraeus discovered: iFreePress
FDU National Poll – Trump Leads With 26%, Carson 22%…: Treehouse
Ted Cruz's Audacious Plan to Win the GOP Nomination: George Will

Time to Use the I-Word: Mark Levin
Will Paul Ryan be the next speaker? I hope not: Paul Mirengoff
CFC head predicts group would ‘look favorably’ on Ryan for speaker: Sean Sullivan


Mrs. Clinton, Why Hurt American Workers?: Ruth Marcus
Quarter Million Germans Protest Obama "Free Trade" Deal: ZH
Russia Threatens SWIFT: AmInt

Scandal Central

So why did federal prisons remove all pork from the menu?: LI
Intel Analyst: Political Correctness a Tool For Centralizing Power: Ginni Thomas
Four more carmakers join diesel emissions row: Guardian


DNC Chair Won’t Say if Bernie Sanders is Electable: Blake Seitz
New CBS Poll Shows Clinton Badly Underwater On Favorability And Trustworthiness: RNC
Sunday Morning Hatefest: Charles Koch Appears on CBS, Liberal Heads Explode in Rage: JWF


Obama's BFF Iran: Threatens Israel Again & Tests New Long-Range Missile: LidBlog
Officials: CIA-backed Syrian rebels under Russian blitz: Ken Dilanian
Russian jet SHOT DOWN by Turkey after it flew into their airspace, according to reports: Scott Campbell

Why don't our leaders care? ISIS threatens to execute 250 Assyrian Christians: Johnnie Moore
ISIS Feeds Starving Mother Her 3-Year-Old Child: Pamela Geller
311,000 Working Age Migrants In Germany… Just 17,000 Now Have Work Permits: Breitbart

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Bros Funding Bros: What’s Wrong with Venture Capital: Chamath Palihapitiya
Make An Arrowhead From A Spoon: Prepared Ninja
A Sampling of the Gross S*** That Has Happened to My Body Since I Started Running: Jezebel


Watch Video: Security officer makes AWESOME tackle on Tennessee fan rushing the field: Earl Hall
The Harsh Truth About Bugging Out of Cities: Patrice Lewis
A Tiger Never Changes It’s Stripes.: MOTUS

Image: “Opportunity” Knocks – Muslim Migration Increases Crime in Germany By 65%
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QOTD: "The State Department on Friday confirmed that the Pentagon has found an email chain between Hillary Clinton and David Petraeus – work-related emails that she had not previously turned over. Experts say New Hampshire is “critical” to Clinton’s hopes, as Sanders is closing the gap in Iowa-which has historically been cool on her-and she faces the possibility of Joe Biden launching his own campaign from South Carolina, the Journal reports. From there, the emails continue until February 1, 2009." --iFreePress

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