Sunday, October 18, 2015

CHART: Which of the GOP candidates has the most cash on hand? And which are truly broke?

Spotted at Conservative Review, this chart offers a snapshot into the financial health of the various GOP presidential candidates' campaigns.

In short, Ted Cruz has the most cash on hand.

At the bottom of the heap are Rick Santorum (with less than $200,000), Bobby Jindal (less than $300,000), Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul and John Kasich.

None of these "candidates" should be permitted in the next debate, as they are truly running less to become president than for some other ulterior motives (e.g., the "GOPe Splitter Strategy").

If you have interest and the werewithal to support a true Constitutional Conservative, please consider helping Ted Cruz expand his reach by clicking here.

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The MUSEman said...

Hmmm... So, the candidates with the LEAST cash on hand are the LEAST genuine in wanting to become President? Seems to me as if you're predicting a Hillary-vs-Trump decision for the ballot box. Next you'll be telling me that Man-made Global Warming capable of tipping the Earth's climate into irrecoverable ruin is real ;-)

As for electing a "true Conservative", that's not going to happen: He won't win, just like a true Capitalist (Trump) won't, a true Socialist (Sanders) won't, etc. What's needed is someone who can portray themselves as a middle of the road type - it's how Reagan and BJ Clinton won, after all ;-)