Saturday, October 17, 2015

Could Paris Climate Meeting Be The Only Thing That Can Stop Extinction?

By William Teach

As Marc Morano notes, this is an actual headline
Is Paris treaty all that stands between us and mass extinction?
We are now rushing headlong into a sixth mass extinction, but this time the culprit is man, Elizabeth Kolbert writes in her best-selling book, The Sixth Extinction; An Unnatural History, which won a Pulitzer Prize last April. 
Kolbert travelled the world, from the Americas to the Great Barrier Reef to Europe, to document vanishing frogs, bats, rhinoceroses, coral.
Wait, she took lots and lots of fossil-fueled travel?

For shame!

So far,” Kolbert said, “there is not a clearly documented case of a species driven to extinction by climate change.” But global warming is pushing temperatures to extremes not seen for hundreds of millions of years. Life forms may not be able to adapt. “All the scientific literature predicts that climate change will become a major driver of extinction over this century.”
So, all this hysteria is about future doom, a 6th mass extinction, with absolutely zero proof? Awesome.

Anyhow, the rest of the article is about the vast need for more Government and more taxation and more redistribution. Silly me to think this is all politics and not science.

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