Thursday, October 22, 2015

STUNNING ADMISSION BY HILLARY CLINTON: She Never Gave Ambassador Stevens Her Email Address

In today's testimony in front of Congress, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered several startling admissions. One stood out as particularly disgusting.

Anti-semitic nutjobs like Sidney Blumenthal had direct access to the Secretary of State while Ambassadors -- like the late Christopher Stevens -- were not permitted to email her directly.

It seems like a fairly obvious question when you think about it. Why didn’t Hillary Clinton have any emails from Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens?

That’s precisely what Georgia Congressman Lynn Westmoreland wanted to find out at today’s congressional hearing.

“You got a lot of emails from Sidney Blumenthal, and you say that Mr. Blumenthal was a friend of yours, and he had your person email,” Westmoreland noted. “You say Chris Stevens was a friend of yours,” he added as Clinton nodded in agreement.

With the number of email’s from Blumenthal, one could be forgiven for assuming they would find countless emails from Stevens as well, especially considering the number of times the ambassador requested extra security for himself and his staff.

Why didn’t Ambassador Stevens reach out personally to Clinton?

“Did he have your personal email?” Westmorland asked.

“Congressman, I do not believe he had my personal email,” Clinton admitted.

As you read through Stevens' multiple pleas for security -- at the very end, he had virtually no trained bodyguards -- one can only

I suspect that Hillary Clinton received multiple requests for security from Stevens, even if only relayed by her employees, that she denied. Pity: she "lost" all of her emails.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that she didn't answer once again with "what difference does it make?" while pounding the table in front of her using her fists!

This woman is utterly repulsive - beyond morally bankrupt!