Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: White House Complains Of Iran Missile, But Expects It To Keep Nuclear Deal

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Obama Complains Of Iran Missile, But Expects It To Keep Nuke Deal: Thomas McArdle
Bernie Sanders is a Communist and an Ignoramus: Matthew Vadum
Afghanistan is about to get the Iraq treatment: RS

Precursor to Tripwire Alert Part II – The Election, Media and Wall Street: Treehouse
Another EPA Scourge Presents Chance for GOP to Stand for Something: Tom Borelli
Obama Lied, My Health Plan Died … Twice!: Michelle Malkin

The Anti-Jew Anti-Gun Crusade: Ben Shapiro
92 Percent of Mass Shootings Have Occurred in Gun-Free Zones: Tim Brown
“Well-Regulated”: Bob Owens

Anderson Cooper and Hillary Clinton Won the Debate: Erick Erickson
The candidate breaking through in the Democratic debate? Bernie Sanders.: Philip Bump
White House walks back Obama's Clinton email comments: Laura Koran

Scandal Central

A ‘Cancer’ on the Clinton Candidacy: Politico
Tens Of Thousands of Violent Felons to be Released: WeaponsMan
Hillary Clinton Scandals: 5 Times The Politician Got Caught Up In Controversy: Sarah Berger

Top Clinton aide worked on Abu Dhabi project while at State: Julian Hattem
UN-Funded Palestinian Legal Group Honors Terrorist Who Killed 2 Israelis: HRV
ISIS Beheads and Crucifies Climate Change Denier in Front of Children: JWF

Climate & Energy

Climate Clowns: ‘Hillary Clinton Is Living in a Climate Change Fantasy World’: JWF
Britain faces longest winter in 50 years after earliest ever arrival of Siberian swan: Lexi Finnigan
Wow! Just What We Need! Fully Armed EPA Agents!: Sara Noble


CNN Debate Moderator Was Member of Clinton Global Initiative: Mark Hemingway
NRA Attacks Hillary’s Supreme Court Comments in New Ad: Stephen Gutowski
Details From ‘The Clintons’ War On Women’ Will Horrify You: Sean Hannity

CNN Debate: Press Cheers as Bernie Sanders Demands Media Stop Reporting on Hillary’s Email Scandal: GWP
Mark Levin BLASTS the Jew hatred in the Obama administration: Scoop
The Alpha Female of a Beta-Male Debate: Mark Steyn


Report: EU Government ‘Believes Obama Is Quite Mentally Unwell’, Inquires About Impeachment: GWP
Arab States Call On Abbas To Dial Down Violence: The Tower
Germany: Migrant Crime Wave, Police Capitulate: Soeren Kern

The chilling rhetoric from Iran Obama doesn't want you to know about.: Dr. Majid Rafizadeh
12 Christians are publicly raped, beheaded, and crucified for refusing to renounce Christ in Syria: Raymond Ibrahim
Anchor Daddies!: Instapundit

The U.S. Military's 'Top Guns' in the Air Have a Big Weakness: Dave Majumdar
The One-Minute Guide to Obama's Foreign Policy: Daniel Pipes
Commentary: Syria, Russia and Iran - an alliance made in hell: Dan Loucks, Statesman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Ten Legendary Lost Cities that Have Emerged from the Past: April Holloway
The "USB Killer 2.0" can fry a computer in seconds: Jonathan Keane, Digital Journal
Forget Humans vs. Machines: It’s a Humans + Machines Future: Shelly Fan


The Clinton Kamp of the Saints: MOTUS
Military Pilot Shares The Most Amazing Story Ever. This Is Gold.: Tickld
Hillary: A Dilemma For Obama: Springer's Blog

Image: Why So Many of Europe’s Migrants Are Men
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #SaveOurConstitution: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Many of the men I interviewed traveling solo told me they had left their families behind and intended to reunite with them once they’d been accepted by a safe European country.

This helps to clarify why so many of Europe’s newcomers are young men. Of 102,753 registered arrivals through Italy and Greece, the International Organization of Migration found that 68,085 were men, with only 13,888 women and 20,780 children. . . .

“They tell us, ‘We do this dangerous trip on our own, we get asylum, and there is a law in the European Union that the family can come,’” says Christof Zellenberg, the chairman of the Europa Institute, who has been heavily involved in volunteer efforts in Vienna. You see few newcomers over 50, he adds, because “this is a grueling trip, and you need to be young and strong.” . . .

But a future influx of families could another problem, as Zellenberg notes. Europe is already struggling to deal with the financial burden caused by today’s newcomers, who are pouring across European borders at levels not seen since World War II. If the majority of these men plan to bring families later, the current numbers are totally off. Multiply it by four or more, he says." --Jillian Kay Melchior

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