Saturday, October 31, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: RNC to NBC: You're Fired

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RNC to NBC: You're Fired: Ace
Paul Ryan's Debt-Limit Disaster: David Harsanyi
RNC Cans NBC After Levin Calls For Priebus Firing: CR Wire

Time For a Debate Moderated by Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin: John Hayward
Establishment RNC Does Not want a Debate with Conservative Moderators: Godfather
Yeah, Jeb Bush Is Probably Toast: 534

Ted Cruz’s ‘Secret’ Skill That No President Has Likely Had Since Thomas Jefferson: IJR
Why Jeb Bush Should Not Be The Republican Nominee in 20 Quotes: John Hawkins
Jeb Campaign Facing Cash-Strapped Weeks Ahead: Todd Beamon

Zombie Candidate: Establishment Declares Jeb Dead Man Walking: Ben Shapiro
Granny Clinton Snags Key Communist Endorsement: JWF
The “National Debate” About Gun Control Is Over. Gun Control Lost.: Bob Owens


The Death of the American Welfare State: Daniel Greenfield
The Commerce Department’s GDP numbers don’t make any sense: John Crudele
Senate approves budget deal and here’s how they voted: Scoop

Scandal Central

I spent a week pouring over the Benghazi hearing transcript. Here's what I concluded: Jay Cost
German Official Sent ‘Classified’ Email That Was Forwarded To Hillary Clinton: Chuck Ross
Hundreds of new Clinton emails classified: Sarah Westwood

Dept. Of Education Issues Guide Urging Schools To Help Illegals Apply For Amnesty: Chuck Ross
Elijah Cummings Wins Pea Brain Award for IRS Defense: MB
Networks Censor Latest Hillary E-Mail Dump, But Find Time for Giant Flying Pumpkin: Curtis Houck

Climate & Energy

Did Federal Agency Commit Climate Fraud? Sure Looks Like It: IBD
Ted Cruz: ‘Climate Change Is Not Science -- It’s Religion’: Michael W. Chapman
Today in Liberal Tolerance: Steven Hayward


Rush Limbaugh: ‘Ted Cruz scares the heck out of the Establishment’: CR Wire
Ted Cruz’s Epic Takedown of CNBC Scored Highest in History of Pollster Luntz’s Focus Group: Michael Cantrell
"Experts" struggle to explain rise in Cleveland gun violence: Mark Gillespie

DSM-IV 301.95 Progressive Personality Disorder: A Classic by John Moore: American Digest
Here Are The 7 (Non-Benghazi) Lies The Press Refuses To Take Hillary To Task For: Hannity
Video Comparison: CNBC’s Insulting Questions To CNN’s Softball Questions Of Democrats: Sooper


Obama to Troops If you like your boots not being on the ground in Syria, you can keep them: Doug Powers
Amnesty: Israelis Shooting Knife-Slashing Terrorists Using Disproportionate Force: Daniel Greenfield
Syrian citizen-journalist and friend both found Beheaded in Turkey: MFS-TON

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

University Students Find 1000s of Medical Studies Presented to FDA Riddled with Fraud: TSW
Judge rules man had right to shoot down drone over his house: CNet
Fortran, assembly programmers ... NASA needs you – for Voyager: Shaun Nichols


Don't Nuke Me, Bro: Truesbury
Ted Cruz Is Right: Let Limbaugh and Hannity Moderate a GOP Debate!: Joan Waaaaaaaaalsh
Trick or Trick: Dan Youra, UToons

Image: Jeb Campaign Facing Cash-Strapped Weeks Ahead
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