Thursday, October 29, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Cruz and Rubio Stand Out, Trump Stands Down, Bush Misses an Opportunity

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CNBC Assault Debate

Cruz and Rubio Stand Out, Trump Stands Down, Bush Misses an Opportunity: WSJ
Winners and Losers from the #CNBCGOPDebate: Leon H. Wolf
Dear Jeb Bush, It's Time To Take Your Campaign Out Back And Shoot It: Erick Erickson

GOP Debate: Poisonous Moderators and a (Sometimes) Unified Right: Kimberly Ross
'Extremely disappointing': RNC head slams CNBC debate moderators: Fox
Trump, Carson take back seat at latest GOP debate: Post

CNBC Moderator Attacks Rubio With Claim He Had Admitted Was False: Derek Hunter
Bush debate strategy backfires, raising new questions about his faltering candidacy: AP
Here Is Why I Do Not Blame the RNC For the CNBC Debate: Erick Erickson

GOP debate winners and losers: The Hill
Media, moderators come under attack: Ben Kamisar, The Hill
Glenn Beck Names Debate ‘Winners’ As He Thinks ‘Americans Will See It’: The Blaze


Here Are The 3 Promises Paul Ryan Made To House Conservatives: Sean Hannity
Paul Ryan embraces Failure Theater on the budget deal: RS
Cruz: Obama – Boehner Budget Deal Ridiculous, Deceitful, and a Disgrace: George Rasley

Obama's latest lie: If you like your guns you can keep your guns: WyBlog
"We Are in the Ascendant. America Is Ours": Jerry Kammer
Hillary Supporters at Campaign Event Can't Name Accomplishments: Daniel Halper

Dem Whip says Ryan an 'outstanding' choice for speaker: Kelly Cohen
Ted Cruz and the 54 Million Evangelicals: Steven Brodie Tucker
Time for John Kasich to Shut Up and Go Home: RS


Will Adverse Selection Force ObamaCare into a Death Spiral?: Lambert Strether
ObamaCare premiums soar 60% in Mississippi: Ed Morrissey
The Death Of Monetary Policy (In 1 Dismal Chart): ZH

Scandal Central

Sick: Latest Planned Parenthood Video Could Show Evidence Of At Least Brutal 3 Crimes: Hannity
Obama admin helps Muslims win big religious liberty lawsuit; why not Christian bakers?: BPR
Global cooling deniers refuse congressional subpoena on flawed ‘pausebuster’ paper: Anthony Watts


The White House Said YouTube Videos Don’t Cause Crime. Except in Benghazi.: Michael Qazvini
An Open Letter To Donald Trump…: Treehouse
GOP Establishment’s Rick Wilson: Donor Class Must ‘Put a Bullet in Donald Trump': Tony Lee

How the Budget Deal Paves the Way for President Hillary Rodham Clinton: Rush Limbaugh
NYT Calls Jill Biden a Doctor 3 Times More Often than Ben Carson: Jenna Lifhits
#LoudonClear: What is the REAL reason for amnesty?: Renee Nal


You'll Never Guess The Politician Sanders Loved Most in 1985: Aaron Bandler
Culture Clash: How ISIS Could Send Europe Over the Edge: Riyadh Mohammed
In Latest Escalation, Australia May Join US, Send Warships To China Islands: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Autonomous Weapons: John Robb
"Microdrone" maker allegedly lied to army about specs, sold used units as new: Shawn Musgrave
Twitter finally has a plan to make money off “logged-out users”: Alice Truong

Drone Flies Into Electrical Lines, Knocking Out Power in West Hollywood: sUAS News
Drone carrying drugs, hacksaw blades crashes in Oklahoma prison: Martyn Williams


Mean Reversion, Small Sample Size and the Mets: RP Seawright
Woman Molested During Flight From Dubai: TSG
Who won the CNBC GOP Debate?: The Blaze

Image: How the Budget Deal Paves the Way for President Hillary Rodham Clinton
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Anonymous said...

I got your feather on a string .... kitties (Harwood). Debate, debate, debate. And (OMG!) somebody won, and somebody lost [can he sue? (Any lawyers in the debate hall?)]. We're saved! Halleluyah!! Here, have a tall frosty glass'a KoolAid, while you're waiting, for the "election" (scratch/final toilet flush/goodbye America!).

It's just f*cking evil. Pure efn' evil.


Barry Popik said...

Mark Levin: "What Cruz did in this debate will be remembered for decades to come."