Wednesday, October 21, 2015

THE NAKED HILLARY CLINTON: DOJ believes China telecoms hacked Hillary's insecure bathroom email server

Over at Fox Business News, Elizabeth MacDonald reveals that the Obama administration is doing everything in its power to destroy Hillary Clinton's campaign. In this case, insiders at the Department of Justice have leaked stunning new information regarding Hillary Clinton's illegal bathroom email server.

Officials close to the matter at the Department of Justice are concerned the emails Hillary Clinton sent from her personal devices while overseas on business as U.S. Secretary of State were breached by foreign telecoms in the countries she visited—a list which includes China...

“Those telecommunications companies over there often have government workers in there. That telecom in that foreign country could then follow the trail of emails back to her server in the U.S. and break into the server” remotely over the Internet. At various points in this process, there were multiple entry points to hack into Clinton’s server to steal information, as well as eavesdrop, the Justice Department officials say.

This is the first indication that officials at the Justice Department are concerned that foreign telecom workers may have broken into Clinton’s emails and home server. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating the national security issues surrounding Clinton’s emails and server.

The Justice Department officials also used the words “reckless", “stunning,” and “unbelievable” in discussing the controversy swirling around Clinton’s use of a private, nongovernment email account...

...As for the effort to designate Clinton’s emails as classified or unclassified, the Justice Department officials agreed that, as one put it: “Every email she sent is classified because she herself is classified, because she is both Secretary of State and a former first lady.”

Foreign intelligence agencies must have been high-fiving each other when they discovered how nakedly insecure Clinton's email server was.

You could call Clinton's behavior in operating her own insecure bathroom server irresponsible, reckless and selfish.

In truth, it was blatantly illegal. And it was all designed to cover up the Clinton family's global racketeering operation.

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