Friday, October 30, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Debate 3: Ted Cruz Changes the Game

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Debate 3: Ted Cruz Changes the Game: C. Edmund Wright
Ted Cruz Destroys The Left-Wing Media : Renee Nal
Secret Bush Document: "American Voters Have A.D.D": David Catanese

The Days Of American Despotism: Politically Short
CNBC debate marked end of Bush family’s hold on Republican politics: Scott McKay
Jeb’s Dead: Adiós Amigo: Jonathan V. Last

Jeb Bush donors try to make sense of Wednesday night: CNN
Jeb Bush Spent Millions Of Dollars On Planes, Trolleys And Consultants: IB Times
The Moment You Realize We've All Been Had: Matt Drudge

Ted Cruz Had a Very, Very Good Night: Erick Erickson
Team Trump and Team Carson Organize Non-RNC Debate Meeting: Treehouse
How to Fix the GOP Debates: Steven Hayward


Budget Deal Passes, Top 7 Observations: Daniel Horowitz
John Boehner’s final betrayals: Chip Wood
Budget Scheme Passes Senate at 3AM: 2-Year CR With Unlimited Debt Ceiling: Treehouse

Why Family Structure Is So Important: Jonah Goldberg
Nearly EVERY 8th Grader in Detroit Public Schools Not Proficient in Math, Reading: Tiffany Gabbay
Two Ex-Disney Workers Displaced by H1B Foreigners Speak: Matthew Boyle

Scandal Central

Clinton Foundation hires Wall Street executive: Sarah Westwood
Impeachment for embattled IRS head moves forward: Sarah Westwood
Clinton Pressed On Scandals By NH Voter: GOP War Room


CNBC Hit By Cruz Missile: MOTUS
GOP Wins, CNBC Loses Last Night’s Debate: Fran Coombs
Trump Accuses Debate Moderators Of Using Fake 'Unnamed Sources': Hannity

Ted Cruz smacks down entire panel of smug, incompetent, liberal moderators: Michael Dorstewitz
Charlie Rose Sticks Up for Hillary in Interview With Rubio: Daniel Halper
ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser links tea party to Islamic State: Times

Levin Calls for Reince Priebus to be Fired: CR Wire
CNBC moderators, press crushed by the Boulder debate: Eddie Scarry
CNN’s Deplorable Sally Kohn Lies About “Children” Killed With Guns: Bob Owens


War of Extermination: Camp o' the Saints
US Spied on Israel, Prepared to Destroy Israeli Bombers to Protect Iran: Lori Lowenthal Marcus
Turkish Government Seizes Opposition TV Stations: AmInt

The 6 Reasons China and Russia Are Catching Up to the U.S. Military: George Washington
Russian aircraft approach USS Ronald Reagan, prompting US fighter jet scramble: Erik Slavin
Austria Stops Criticizing Hungary's Border Fence, Builds Own Border Fence: Daniel Greenfield

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

While Amazon doubles its number of warehouse robots to 30K, competing systems emerge: Frank Tobe
22 Ancient Shipwrecks Discovered in Greek Waters: Archaeology
Are Movie Theaters About to Disappear? How VR Will Remake Hollywood: Alison E. Berman


Happy-Warrior Cruz CRUSHED It Last Night...: Reaganite
Hillary Posts Missive About GOP Debate… Instant Karma Pays A BRUTAL Visit: CP
Melissa Harris-Perry Needs a Trip to Hard Work U: Michelle Malkin

Image: Mark Levin Calls for Reince Priebus to be Fired
Sponsored by: Ted Cruz Post-Debate $1 Million Dollar Money Bomb to Crush the Media

QOTD: "People like the Koch Brothers should really be forming paramilitary units for the purposes of rescuing what European Treasures they can, such as the aforementioned Throne [of Charlemagne], the Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s David and Pieta, Magna Carta, etc." --Bob Belvedere


Anonymous said...

America's downfall has come from a little man who did not recognize legitimate authority so is it surprising to see the moves by Russia and China? It was the responsibility of Barrack Obama to push forward the light of Liberty and exercise the legitimate authority granted him by the Constitution and the People for our peace, and the advancement of our Country. When a man asked Jesus to judge issues regarding inheritance, He answered,'who appointed me to do that for you?' If Jesus had taken the bait He would have brought Himself under the judgment of God for exercising illegitimate authority. America's chickens are coming home to roost because we gave the farm to somebody who wasn't a farmer, and the hands have departed from best practices.

Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you, Doug.

Remember: If the doorbell rings Saturday Night and you open your door and no one's there, that's Jeb Bush.