Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Just Say “NO” To Amnesty and Paul Ryan As Speaker

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Just Say “NO” To Amnesty and Paul Ryan As Speaker: CHQ
Ryan Wants Conservatives To Sign Their Own Death Warrant: Erick Erickson
Liberal and Progressive Vision: Walter Williams

Filling the Void: The Z Man
Poll: Trump Increases Lead, Bush Fades: Mike Flynn
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Democrats and GOP Senator Mark Kirk team up to block ‘sanctuary cities’ law: RS
What happened to the president's immigration programs?: Molly Hennessy-Fiske
Illegal alien with 3 DUI's, Spared Deportation by Obama, Kills Cyclist: Virtuous

Biden Disputes Clinton’s Story About Bin Laden Raid: Blake Seitz
Smelly Old Joe Biden Changes Stories on Bin Laden Raid: Scoop
Appeals Court Upholds NY, CT "Assault Weapons" Bans: Bob Adelmann

Panicked establishment gets ready for war against Trump: Byron York
Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz? Ted Cruz!: Harry Enten, Five Thirty Eight
The bell tolls for Jeb Bush in Florida: RS


Confusion, Delusions and Illusions: Jim Quinn
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Scandal Central

Former Assistant Director Of The FBI: Hillary May Be Guilty Of Conspiracy Too: Hannity
Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Employment at State Department Flouted the Law: Tom Fitton
Hillary Clinton's enabler-in-chief: Jonah Goldberg

Stop Obama’s War On Watchdogs: Michelle Malkin
Erie PA: Impoverished refugees to get special federal savings plan (you pay for it): Ann Corcoran
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Rove explains George W. Bush disdain for Ted Cruz: Colin Campbell
Latest NRA Ad Featuring Black Woman from Projects Will Leave You Speechless: GWP
"Over A Year Before 9/11, Trump Wrote Of Terror Threat With Remarkable Clarity.": Althouse

Clinton Presidential Campaign Video Shows Hillary in Hijab: GWP
Five Dirty Little Secrets About Hillary That the Media Isn’t Talking About: Ed Klein
Harry Reid Calls Sanctuary Cities Bill ‘The Donald Trump Act’: Nina Bookout


Foreign Aid and Poverty: Maggie's Farm
The Clock Ticks On: Mark Steyn
Islamic State Raked in Over $1 Billion in 2014: Bill Gertz

Justin Trudeau: Canada’s Obama: Robert Spencer
Thousands of Germans take to the streets to fight the Islamic tide: Ann Corcoran
UN Agency to Make the Jewish Wailing Wall an Islamic Holy Site?: Matthew Clark

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tech Scandals That Hurt So Good: The Information
Where Did Dogs Originate?: Archaeology
Teen Hackers Socially Engineered Way Into CIA Director's Private E-Mail: Hacked


#BetterMakeRoom for Joey: MOTUS
How To Survive In The Woods: Alec Deacon
Goodbye Sweden: SwedenReport

Image: Latest NRA Ad Featuring Black Woman from Projects Will Leave You Speechless
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #TheConstitutionMan: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "The world divides into those who sincerely believe in that "Coexist" sticker and those who think it's a delusional evasion. After all, if it weren't for that big Muslim crescent "C" at the front, you wouldn't need a bumper sticker at all:

That peace-symbol "O"? It's Muslims, alas, who kill secular hippie pacifist backpackers in Bali nightclubs.

That equal-rights "E"? It's Muslims who take girls as their sex slaves in Nigeria and kill their own daughters and sisters in Germany because rape has rendered them "unclean".

The star-of-David "X"? It's Muslims who are currently stabbing and running over Jews in Jerusalem and then celebrating by passing out free candy.

In India, it's Muslims vs Hindus. In southern Thailand, Muslims vs Buddhists. The world is a messy, violent, complicated place, but as a rule of thumb, as I said all those years ago in America Alone, in most corners of the planet it boils down to: Muslims vs [Your Team Here]." --Mark Steyn


Maizi said...

Well Said

The Machiavellian said...

The guy lost a debate to Joe Biden. His budget plan balances the budget 20 years from now. And his natural instinct is to support amnesty.

Though, I can see the fix is in and he will be speaker. Plus, where the heck were our guys. Seems like there were a dearth of conservatives will to run for the job.

Anonymous said...

In linked article: Islamic State-$1B income-2014/WashFreeBeacon-Gertz ....

"The capture of equipment and weapons from Iraqi security forces, who fled and left their arms and equipment after the Islamic State attacked Iraq in 2014, includes between $20 billion and $50 billion worth of arms."