Sunday, October 18, 2015

Austria is Drowning in Massive Amounts of Feces and Garbage Left by Migrants [Video]

By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Just disgusting.

In Austria, where hundreds of thousands of migrants are trekking their way into Germany, they are leaving a massive amount of garbage and feces in their wake. The port-a-potties are filthy and unusable. These people are going to the bathroom everywhere and the filth they leave behind is epic.

If a female volunteer tries to assist, she is called a Christian whore.

How are the locals supposed to clean this up? There will be disease from it as well.

As Fjordman says, this is willful destruction and the greatest organized betrayal in Western history. Almost none of these people are from Syria. This is the Islamic Hijrah migration in full swing and in all it's vileness. This doesn't take into account the rapes and murders that follow these people. It is physical and spiritual filth on display.

From Gateway Pundit:

Nickelsdorf, Austria is drowning in migrant feces and garbage in unparalleled dimensions.

There is trash everywhere.

The migrants leave their trash as they move through the area on their way to Germany.

Locals are faced with piles of trash and feces as the migrants move through town.

Here is video of the migrant invasion outside Nickelsdorf, Austria.

Gates of Vienna wrote this on the suicide of Western culture:

“This destruction is being executed willfully, deliberately, and with malice aforethought. As Fjordman has often said: “This is the greatest organized betrayal in Western history.”

Vlad Tepes reported, translated from Unzen Suriert

When you dare to take a look at the border town of Nickelsdorf, population 1,600, you will literally be blown away: uncontrolled, illegal migrants wherever you look, and an orgy of garbage and feces of unparalleled dimensions.

As early as arriving at the railway station in Nickelsdorf one will notice crowds surrounding ‘Trafiks’ (slang for tobacconist). An astonishingly high number of immigrants – or migrants, want to pay with 500 Euro-bills. The Trafikant is obviously overwhelmed by this payment method, which seems to have been going on for a long while now. The customers are baffled for being rejected due to lack of change.

Everything completely filthy

Commuters of the 87 kilometers near Vienna Neustadt report, that in the until recently of hundreds of immigrants occupied Arena ‘Nova’, there also was an unusually massive burden and exposure of fecal matter, because these guests from foreign countries “went potty everywhere”. The supplied porta-potties were left “completely filthy” and unusable.

Many people in Nickelsdorf feel completely let down by their government. “It’s like at the end of the war, back when the Wehrmacht surrendered the area east of Bruck on the Leitha to the Red Army and we were left completely defenseless at the mercy of the marauding Russians”, one man remembers the stories his grandparents told him.

Female assistants are “Christian whores”

One unsettled female voluntary helper tells that “we were continuously berated as Christian whores.” Others just don’t understand just what kinds of people were marching through the land completely uncontrolled and unregistered, with the blessing of the government: “There were the most strangest types, some way too tall Chinese, supposedly from Mongolia or similar areas, colored people in all shades – but hardy any Syrians.” The rumor that Hungary had used the chaos to empty out their prisons, is persistent.
Hungary has indeed emptied their prisons I hear.

What the leaders of these countries are allowing is unspeakable and unfathomable. The residents in these towns feel conquered and deflated. As if there is no way they can fight back.

Their women have not ventured outside for months in fear of being raped and/or killed.

Austria's borders are gone - her sovereignty is no more. Police are not even trying to enforce border control at this point.

Again and again, reports are surfacing that the disease Amoebic Dysentery is raging in Austria. The Catholic Church in Nickelsdorf supplied an empty building for the refugees, which after an incredibly short time had to be cleared out again and disinfected after a public health officer’s visit.

No precise information is available at this time. “Why don’t we hear and see anything in the media, why are we not being informed about what’s going on here?”, is a question that locals ask themselves repeatedly. The only ones reporting on this are those such as Gateway Pundit, Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Shame on the media and these so-called leaders.

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