Thursday, October 15, 2015

From Denmark With Love

By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

An interview with a Dane for America:

Bernie and Hillary are in love in with socialism. Both of them want a romantic affair with Socialism from Denmark. However, they do not tell the American people the parts of the romantic deal that will ruin many American families financially.

Jonas Christensen is a Conservative Dane, who has lived all his life in Denmark. He does not recognize the paradise-like picture that is painted by Bernie and Hillary concerning Denmark. Nothing in Denmark is free, regardless of what Bernie has stated several times. Jonas goes on to say that they do not have free healthcare and they do not have free education. These institutions are paid for by taxes... taxes that are defined by the OECD as the highest taxes in the world.

We have not heard from Bernie or Hillary on how they will pay for the healthcare system or the educational system they have in Denmark. Let's look at how the Danes pay for those systems. Here are some of the taxes Americans are going to pay, so the Democratic love affair can become a reality:

- 180% car tax. If you want to buy a car in Denmark, you have to pay 180% more than the actual price.

- Death tax. If you die, your heir must pay a tax to inherit.

- 25% consumption tax on all goods. When you go to the supermarket and buy groceries, you have to pay 25% more than the actual price.

Those are just some of the taxes that you are going to pay if Bernie or Hillary is elected president. Income taxes are also very high. Danes pay an average of 45% in taxes and some of the wealthiest pay up to 70%.

Jonas says, "I want to send this warning to the American people, so they do not choose Hillary or Bernie as President. I love Denmark. However, I hate Socialism.

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Sarthurk said...

So, how does the ruling class live in Denmark?

in the vanguard said...

I know you speak rhetorically when you open, "Bernie and Hillary are in love in with socialism", because these two only go for socialism because it will line their pockets, and not for any idealism.

Xmas said...


It is a modest country, nobody is showy rich. The richest usually have second homes in the countryside or boats. Copenhagen has good neghborhoods that have expensive condos. I think boats have a high tax rate too, not %180, but higher than the 25% VAT.

There are clubs and restaurants that cater to the very wealthy, but besides Noma, anyone that can afford them can get in them with a reservation.